10 too-early Michigan football bold predictions for 2023


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Colston Loveland should be poised to break out in earnest as he enters his second year, but AJ Varner already has the ability and time for the task and is now in a better position to put his talent to good use. has become

Here’s what Michigan tight end coach Grant Newsom told WolverinesWire last week about Varner’s abilities.

“First of all, being very physically imposing, very build, very tall, athletic, just physically capable of doing all sorts of inline blocking that we demand of men. But this is not the case across the country,” Newsom said. That’s it. And, obviously, watching the Ohio State game they played last year, he goes up and catches Fade in one of their corners. So he’s been very good at everything we do, he can handle the inline stuff and the running game, he can also go out and flex out and catch passes. ”

For Indiana, Varner had 13 catches for 160 yards and 1 touchdown in 2021 before 28 catches for 199 yards and 3 touchdowns in 2022. That should open the door for Michigan to target Berner further.

Really, we’re just hedging our bets here. Either Varner or Loveland could be a solid choice to head into next year’s enigmatic season, and considering Varner is already a multi-year player in college programs, it’s possible that he’ll be in 2023. I am betting that it will take off on


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