2022 Daily Local News’ All-Area Football Team – PA Prep Live


Player of the Year – Bo Horvath, Downingtown East, Senior, RB

first army


QB – Quinn Hennicle, Downingtown West Jr.

An area-high 16 touchdown passes led the Whippets to a National Division title share. He also passed for 1,565 yards, plus he ran eight of his TDs.

RB – Julian Spallacino, Kennett, Sr.

He was second in the region with 1,578 rushing yards, had 16 offensive TDs, and was voted second team linebacker in the American Division.

RB – Chase Hutton, West Chester Rustin, Sof.

Despite missing more than two games, he tallied 1,123 yards and 15 touchdowns, helping the Golden Knights reach the title game in Divisions 1-5A as a two-way star.

WR – Jake Kusella, Downingtown West Jr.

They led the area with 765 yards and 10 TDs, and added 269 rushing yards and 3 TDs. He was also named a first-team defensive back in the National Division.

WR – Dean Hungie, Downingtown West Jr.

In addition to being one of the Whippet’s top defenders, Hanzee has 610 receiving yards and eight total TDs on both sides of the ball as an elite playmaker.

TE – Brody Eaton, Conestoga, Sr.

He had 18 receptions for 367 yards and five touchdowns, leading tight ends in all areas. He was voted to the First Team All Central League and will play for the Army after graduation.

OL – Adam Abouraya, Downtown East, jr.

At 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 280 pounds, Abouraya often led the way for Horvath during record-breaking seasons.

OL – Peter Jones, Malvern Prep Jr.

The Coatesville resident and University of Notre Dame recruit is the next in a strong lineage of big names from Malvern.

OL – Owen Prysock, Unionville, Sr.

The American Division’s most-voted offensive lineman was a source of stability for a young and challenging team.

OL – Cooper Young, Downingtown West, Sr.

With West Virginia’s effort, the Whippets had more than 170 rushing yards per game, impacting both sides of the ball.

OL – Kyle Vanconier, Coatesville, Sr.

The Red Raiders averaged over 200 rushing yards per game, much of it behind strong tackles.

ATH – Harrison Susi, Coatesville, Sr.

As the winningest area quarterback in the last three years, Susi has done a lot of damage with his feet, running for 754 yards and 13 TDs, and achieving 1,162 yards and 14 TDs in the air.

K – Ryan Barker, Kennett, Sr.

A touchback specialist who hits 45-yard field goals all season, Barker heads to Happy Valley for Penn State kicks.


DL – Francisco Hall, Coatesville, Jr.

Holes were aligned inside and out, and were always in the opponent’s backfield, as was the destructive power in this area.
DL – John Pardo, Kennett.

A star on both sides, Pardo continued to disrupt midfield with his quickness and power.

DL – Drew Merschel, Conestoga, Sr.

Named Conestoga’s defensive MVP and named to the Central League’s top team, Marschell was a midfield threat.

DL – Colin McHugh, Malvern Prep, Sr.

Virtually no one could match the Flyers, and McHugh, as the dominant defensive edge, was a big reason for that.

LB – Hayden Pegg, Malvern Prep, Sr.

Always willing to fire his tall frame into the ball carrier, Pegg has two Pick 6s and multiple Division 1 offers.

LB – Bobby Mears, Malvern Prep, Sr.

Listed as 6 feet 4 inches 225 pounds, Monk’s tackle machine is heading to linebacker U to play for Penn State.

LB – Sam Burton, Downingtown East, Sr.

Burton, also a lacrosse star, played a role in attracting the ball as the Cougars en route to the District 1 semifinals.

LB – Mitch Ragni, West Chester East, Sr.

An injured hand limited him somewhat on offense, but on defense Ragni burst out with a fast downhill pace.

DB – Mike Waite, Downingtown East, Sr.

A safe and three-year starter, Waits was the quintessential leader in the stingy Cougars’ defense.

DB – Amir Haskett, Coatesville, Jr.

Huskett, who doubles as a wide receiver and playmaker, was one of the physical tacklers from the cornerback spot.
DB – Dimon Jacobs, West Chester Rustin, Sr.

A downhill-loving slugger, Jacobs became a ball-hawk in his senior year, rushing for more than 1,000 yards on offense.

DB – Andrew Perisiotta, Malvern Prep, Sof.

Malvern star Pericciotta made a name for himself with his versatility in the running and passing game.

P – Seth Turner, Great Valley, Sr.

Turner, who is also a very good placekicker, averaged over 40 yards per punt and drilled a 51-yard FG to win his way to the University of Connecticut.

number two team


QB – Jamie Jenkins, Downingtown East, Sr.

RB – Yaahdir Nash, Malvern Prep, Sr.

RB – John Mulville, Downingtown West, Sr.

WR – Corey DiAntonio, Oxford, Sr.

WR – Caden Walsh, Downingtown East, Sr.

TE – Jeremy Lynn, West Chester Rustin, Sr.

OL – Logan Demcyk, Malvern Prep;

OL – Luke Lorenz, Bishop Shanahan, Sr.

OL – Luke Fowler, Downingtown East Jr.

OL – Jason Huynh, West Chester Rustin, Sr.

OL – Ryan Shim, Great Valley, Sr.

ATH – Dustin Long, Oxford, Sr.


DL – Chad Robengus, Downingtown East, Sr.

DL – Ennis Udo, Malvern Prep Jr.

DL – Raheem Orr, Great Valley, Jr.

DL – Matt Luton, Coatesville, Jr.

LB – Brendan Barsmeier, Coatesville, Sr.

LB – Cole Walsh, Avon Grove Jr.

LB – Jake Lowe, West Chester Rustin, Sr.

LB – Charlie Newhall, Conestoga Jr.

DB – Bryce Bertrante, Conestoga, Sr.

DB – Brady Laird, West Chester East, Sr.

DB – Joe King, Sr., Unionville

DB – Cam Paquette, Malvern Prep, Sr.

honorable mention

Jacob Lott, Avon Grove, Sof. Harrison Watson, Avon Grove Jr. Owen Yoder, Avon Grove, Sr. Sean Bracken, Bishop Shanahan, Sr.; Aidan Civitella, Bishop Shanahan, Fr. Pat Gallagher, Bishop Shanahan Jr. Spencer Ferguson, Coatesville, Sr. Jay Ravik, Coatesville, Sr. Jimmy Marturano, Conestoga, Sr. Ryan Campbell, Downingtown West, Jr.; Cam Alex, Downingtown West, Sr.; Jack Coffey, Great Valley, Sr. Gavin Maslowski, Great Valley, Jr. Braeden Melia, Great Valley, Jr. Nick Periciotta, Great Valley, Sr. Colin Jung, Kennett, Sr.; Ryan King, Kennett, Sr.; Connor Tuk, Kennett, Sr.; Phil Tabasso, Malvern Prep, Jr.; Ryan Evans, Oxford, Sr.; Nate Vance, Oxford, Sr.; Quintan Boyle, Unionville, Sr. Jacob Cassidy, Unionville Jr. Mason Greer, West Chester East Jr. Tyler Wileczek, West Chester East, Jr.; Cole Foster, West Chester Henderson, Sr.; Logan Goodwin, West Chester Henderson Jr.Evan Kearney, West Chester Henderson Jr.


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