Adam Zampa responds as cricket world erupts over controversial act


Melbourne Stars captain Adam Zampa says it is “well within my rights” to try Renegades’ Tom Rodgers Mancado in a hot local derby at the MCG on Tuesday night. Told.

But despite seeming determined to send Rodgers off if the third umpire ruled the Renegade out, Zampa, in hindsight, wasn’t sure he’d follow suit. It revealed that.

Television replays showed Zampa’s arm went beyond the vertical in the bowling action, so Rogers survived. .

In a telecast, Zampa’s coach, David Hussey, said that if Rogers had been dealt, the Stars would have asked that the decision be reversed as it is not how Hussey wants to play cricket.

“Tom Rogers’ ball ran out at the crease before I even bowled and got the advantage,” Zampa said.

“I threw a good ball to Mackenzie Harvey and if he didn’t (Rogers) it would have been[one run instead of two].

“I thought he did something he shouldn’t have done.

“So if he doesn’t want to strike, I try to make it a little easier for him.

“I think I was within my right to do it. It’s in the rulebook and within the rules.

“I just got my technique wrong and he was almost half way through the wicket.

“I went upstairs and had time[to consider dropping the appeal].

“I don’t know what decisions I’ll make once the verdict is handed down.

“Even if Mancado’s technique was correct and[referee]Gerard[Aboud]said he would probably be out, I don’t know what decision I would make.

“I’m a very competitive guy, so when he (Rogers) used it (stealing) to his advantage, I think I saw a little bit of red.”

Zampa said that if he mancades a hitter early in the Renegades’ innings instead of in the third-last ball, he is happy that it will act as a warning rather than a dismissal.

“I’m not saying we wouldn’t do it if we were in that situation again, but[but]mankad someone, especially in the second half of the[Renegades]inning when they have about two balls left. , after that they still have three wickets in hand and Mackenzie Harvey is going on strike anyway so it doesn’t make much of a difference in the game,” Zampa said.

Rodgers, who is also a bowler, said he would not make Mancado a batsman, but also admitted that he was “confused” by the rules.

“It gets a little cloudy, right? [sic] I’m not very happy,” he said.

Rodgers responded to the incident by scoring career-best figures of 5-16, admitting that Mancado’s attempt irritated him “a little bit,” but he told reporters after the game that his teammate’s Sam Harper said he was exaggerating when he said it on air. He was “mad” about the incident.

Rodgers said he was thrilled to play in front of 38,564 fans, the second-most in a BBL season to date.

“It was just phenomenal…we were so lucky to play cricket. 40,000 people rolled out to watch us. It’s very exciting,” he said.

“If you can’t stand up and work for it, then something is wrong with you.”

Above all, Zampa hoped the incident would help further bolster the rivalry between the two Melbourne teams.

“I always feel like there’s something going on in these games that I can talk about for a little while, and this is going to be it now,” he said.

“These competitions are built on rivalries and Melbourne Renegades vs Melbourne Stars is one of the most important ones in the competition so if it just sparked a little under the derby it would be That’s fine.

But he didn’t think that compared to the famous clash between the late Shane Warne and Marlon Samuels a decade ago.

“It will probably be in the news tomorrow, but everyone will forget,” he said.

On Tuesday night, some criticized Zampa, while others defended him, making headlines all over social media.

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