Alabama football not expecting any Sugar Bowl opt-outs, Nick Saban says

After all, no player in Alabama football seems to be opting out of the Sugar Bowl.

Nick Saban said ahead of bowl practice ESPN’s Chris Lowe The Crimson Tide isn’t expecting players to opt out of the game on Dec. 31 (11 a.m., ESPN). Among them are quarterback Bryce Young and edge rusher Will Anderson Jr.

Alabama State (10-2) will face Big 12 champion Kansas State (10-3) in New Orleans.

This is the second time Alabama has been in a situation with players considering opting out since the college football playoffs began in 2014. The Crimson Tide also saw him miss his field in the four-team playoffs after the 2019 season, with veterans Trevon Diggs and Terrell Lewis opting out of the Citrus Bowl.

However, neither was predicted as highly as Young and Anderson. Both have been listed as top 5 draft candidates on many early boards released by ESPN and others.

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Saban revealed that even without playoff impact, there is still an opportunity for players to create value for themselves.

“I certainly have a huge amount of gratitude and respect for the players who are finishing the season with the team and I will do everything in my power to ensure that they are in positions of opportunity.” ‘ said Saban when the bowl was announced. “Definitely there will be opportunities for some new players, but we are looking forward to the challenge.”

However, neither Young nor Anderson can earn a draft profile by playing the game.

Opting out can be controversial, but because of the risk of injury there is some logic behind it. ruptured. He was expected to be a first-round pick, but an injury forced him to the second round.

Over the past few years, when the opt-out debate has come up, Saban has spoken about how he respects and understands the decision not to participate in bowl games without playoff repercussions.

“If you’re a high first-round draft pick, (weighing) the money (available) and how you can protect yourself and insure yourself, the risk isn’t worth the reward. “But if you’re not in that position, show off your talent and you’ll make a (bowl) decision,” Saban said in 2019. ) you have the opportunity to impress people with the way you play in the game.I told them and it’s their choice.”

This article first appeared in Tuscaloosa News: Alabama Football: Bryce Young, Will Anderson Jr. in Sugar Bowl: Report

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