Arsenal star hailed as ‘Ronnie O’Sullivan in football’ after magic moment in Brighton win


Audegaulzaka Factory Credit: Alamy

Paul Merson has praised Arsenal captain Martin Odegaard for his performance in Saturday’s 4-2 win over Brighton.

The Norwegian scored goals and assists and was named Man of the Match to lead the Premier League table seven points ahead of the Gunners.

And Merson compared Audegaul’s assists against Gabriel Martinelli, who played the ball behind Brighton’s defense for the first time.

Marson said: Martin Oudegaard I know what he’s doing before this ball comes. He is sprinting with the ball.

“It’s the Ronnie O’Sullivan of football, he’s looking at the pot and that’s Martin Audegaard. A lot of people don’t see that pass. He’s probably the only one on the pitch who sees it. is.

“Kevin De Bruyne saw it, Odiegarde saw it, but I don’t think any other player in the Premier League thinks it’s opened.

upon Arsenal’s On the possibility of reaching the end of the season and beating Manchester City for the title, Merson added: Not a fluke. I’m not sitting here scratching my head.

“We have to think that Man City, which we are talking about, are the only team that can corner them. It’s not like they’re tearing it up either.

“It was a match we were expected to win. When you talk about expected goals, I look at the expected games you should have won and those are the two games you should have won. Five points there Deduction.

“At the moment, there are no players who can stop Arsenal.”

Mikel Arteta’s side are likely to face a tough test of their title qualification on Tuesday as they welcome Newcastle, currently in third place behind City, to the Emirates.

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