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“Frejams in a tackle” was a line Cochrington Middle School alumni Curtis Frejams never dreamed he’d hear over the intercom. Nevertheless, Grove City College his Wolverines football fans have heard the sequence often over the past four years.

Growing up a fan of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and running back Factory running back Nick Saban, and of the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide, Fly Yams always heard his name called when he discovered Paydirt as a ball carrier. I wanted to. It sounded familiar to him when he ran for nearly 4,000 yards for the Cochrington Cardinals between 2015 and 2018. A force considered a tailback. But this is not how his story went in college. The best part is that it went in a different direction.

Instead of carrying the ball in college, he spent four years as a middle linebacker going on to crush other teams’ skill players. Closing open gaps left by defensive linemen, picking up passes in the secondary, and calling out defensive packages are solid consolation prizes when you need to change positions. has amassed 130 tackles, eight tackles-for-losses, and eight interceptions, including five in his senior season in 2022. Three bowl games during his career.

One of his favorite moments was the 2019 interception in a 43-41 thriller victory over Presidents Athletic Conference (PAC) rivals Westminster. What’s more, Case He Westerns’ big win over his Reserve College in 2022, the Wolverines’ numbered program early in his career, is another memory of him he will always cherish.

The decision to choose Grove City College was bigger than football. It was even more than the ability to get a dual degree in accounting and finance. Most importantly, it nurtured his faith and led him through the decisive period of his life as a young man, led by administrators, coaches and professors.

“I wanted to be close to home,” Freyer Moose said. “I’ve been on quite a few visits, but when I heard my coach (Andrew) Didonato speak, I knew Grove City was where I was supposed to be. He had to tell What he didn’t do and his faith drove me there.”

Along the way, Freyermuth has grown in faith and made clear that he should pursue a career in accounting like his mother (Susan) did. Ultimately, he discovered that a degree in finance would get him the 150 credits he needed to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. Freyermuth finishes his four years just under the mark but plans to return in the final semester to reach the 150 threshold.

Earning two degrees in four-and-a-half years while playing college football and enduring a pandemic is definitely something to hang his hat on. It is his goal to pass all four parts of his CPA exam and gain a full-time role in the field.

The journey to get there is set and includes experience at First National Bank and now Maher Duessel. What started as an internship at Maher Duessel turned into a part-time role as an auditor. Freyermuth is currently in the midst of its first ‘busy season’. This is why CPA’s are afraid to see him combine the two words. His next three and a half months will be pretty busy as he takes final classes and catches up on demands for part-time roles.

It’s nothing new to those who know Freyermuth is busy and hard working. The blue-collar way seen by many in Crawford County is exactly what he has.Throughout his life, he was a member of his three college programs in Cochrington’s baseball, basketball and soccer. did. That’s the life of a high school athlete in a small school. Go out with a few different teams to keep the tradition alive. But if you fight for your team, you fight to win.

Winning is exactly what Curtis Freyer-Moose does, even though his college football career ended in November. It’s a sad reality he says hasn’t really hit him yet. Football is still on TV every Saturday and Sunday for a few weeks, but the sport hasn’t gone too far and never will. He hopes to coach at the high school level one day, but for now his number one job is getting his degree and passing his exams.

The NFL Network airs many “Football Life” features about the league’s former stars. Unfortunately, Freyermuth hasn’t turned pro, but perhaps this piece is the closing and written version of the segment he deserves to be a part of. It was a great run, but now it’s time to ‘process some numbers’.


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