Bad week for QBs, Jeff Driskel as the new Taysom Hill & a big week for Ekeler

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Join Matt Harmon with Andy Behrens and Scott Pianowski to preview all Saturday, Sunday, and Monday NFL games in Week 15 to help you win the fantasy football playoff game.

Can we trust Dallas Gedard this week? Is Miles Sanders a terrible fantasy football analyst? What can we expect from Desmond Ridder (and will he help Drake London)? The episode answers many questions.

Andy pitches that Texans QB/TE Jeff Driskel could be the new Tatham Hill (at least in fantasy).

The Jaguars don’t seem to throw the ball at him for some reason, and Austin Ekeler is set up for an aerial battle with the Titans, so no one is thrilled with Travis Etienne’s fantasy value.

Tom Brady’s problems in Tampa Bay have been diagnosed (blame the offensive line) but will never be fixed against a very good Bengals team getting healthy in good time. Also, the Colts are thrilled against a Vikings defense with a bad WR, but can Matt trust Ryan’s arm?

Sit back and make yourself comfortable. These guys are handing out plenty of fantasy football insight and advice you’ll want to have in your back pocket as you set up your line-up this week.

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