Big Ten East is crushing the Big Ten West in football recruiting

This is life at USC today. Attention should be paid to the adoption of Big Ten football. This is just reality. The player who will be recruited into his 2023 class at the Big Ten Conference will play most of his career at USC. They have a freshman season in which they don’t play Trojans in the regular season, but they need it in 2024.

What’s Happening With Big Ten Football Recruits? Buckeyes Wire friends have some recruiting rankings at the start of the early signing period. We process the stories attached to these rankings one by one.

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There is one story worth noting here. The Big Ten East Division is completely crushing the Big Ten West Division.

Of the 14-man Big Ten, the top four teams are all from the East. In contrast, Big Ten West has 5 of his 7 hiring teams that are the worst in the current cycle.

Michigan joins Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan in the top four.

Indiana and Rutgers are the only East Division teams in the bottom seven (bottom half) of the Big 10. Maryland finished sixth ahead of Iowa.

East is a beast and West has failed the test.

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