Burning questions as 2022 NFL playoff picture takes shape


1) Can the Packers make the playoffs?

The Packers will advance if they win their home games against NFC North foes Minnesota and Detroit, if Washington loses at least one, or if the Giants lose two. It’s possible, but the problem with Green Bay is:

Washington finishes at home against Cleveland and Dallas. The Browns have already dropped out of playoff contention and may be packing their bags for the offseason, but the Cowboys are determined to win Week 18 if the team drops out of contention for his NFC top seed. may rest regulars on next weekend if the Eagles beat the visiting Saints.

The Giants close out the season against one of the worst teams in the league, the Colts, and move to Philadelphia.

For now, the Packers need to focus on what they can control and Rodgers must like the idea of ​​two teams coming to the Frozen Tundra to play home games in the Dome to finish the regular season. The Packers beat the Vikings 37-10 in Green Bay last season in Week 17 in 11-degree temperatures at kickoff. His three straight wins at home against the Lions, his last two wins being his 18 and 21 points. Each.

But for these games to matter in the playoffs, the Packers need help from others, and I don’t think they can get it.

2) Is the Vikings’ 11-0 record in one-score games a positive or a looming problem?

Minnesota has the most comfortable life of any team. This was against the Giants on Saturday and in his last two minutes he overcame the situation where he was 3rd and he was 9th, 3rd and he was 11th and drove the decisive field to his goal. It was clear that Expired.

What’s unspoken is that the Vikings’ inability to close out matches required a comeback from time to time. For example, they said on Saturday that he was leading by 8 points in 3 minutes of play, but the Giants were able to drive 75 yards in his 59 seconds and tie the 2-point attempt into the game. I was. That’s a concern, and it’s likely they’ll catch up to them in the playoffs.

3) Will Patrick Mahomes have to play a postseason game as part of the away team for the first time in his career?

Mahomes has started 11 times in the playoffs. Nine went to Arrowhead his stadium and the remaining two of him went to the Super Bowl. If the season ended today, Buffalo would be his AFC’s No. 1 seed. Here’s the problem. I don’t think the Bills will hold onto the top spot. I expect the Chiefs to get it.

They are currently tied with Buffalo at 12-3 for the best record in the conference, but the Bills own the tiebreak based on their head-to-head victory on Oct. 16. In Cincinnati, the Chiefs opened the door for the top seed with a win at home over the Broncos and a win over the Raiders on the road.


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