Coaches select the 2022 Lexington All-City Football Teams

Lexington Herald-Leader/ is proud to announce the 2022 All-City High School Football Team as voted for by nine coaches from Lexington’s varsity KHSAA program.

Each coach nominated up to 10 players for consideration. All coaches then ranked the top five players for each position on the ballot. These rankings were used to create the First and Second Teams. All other nominated players received honorable mentions. Some players were recognized for multiple positions.

first team offense

QBs: Cutter Boley, Lexington Christian.

QBs: Trenton Cutright, Brian Station.

RB: TJ Horton, Frederick Douglass.

RB: Jacob Childress, Henry Clay.

WR: Max DeGraff, Lexington Catholic.

WR: Damin Green, Brian Station.

WR: JT Haskins, Bryan Station.

OL: Demeko Kennedy, Frederick Douglass.

OL: Kendall Wills, Paul Lawrence Dunbar.

OL: Joe Schullerman, Lexington Catholic.

OL: Gary McCauley, Brian Station.

ATH: Ty Bryant, Frederick Douglass.

Lexington Christian’s Cutter Vorley was shown in the team’s season opener against Madison Central and was a first-team All-City selection.Brian Sims

first team defense

Database: Ty Bryant, Frederick Douglass.

Database: JT Haskins, Bryan Station.

Database: Isaiah Kenny, Frederick Douglass.

Database: Jeremiah Law, Frederick Douglass.

lb: Darion Neal, Frederick Douglass.

lb: Jason Hocker, Brian Station.

lb: Hayden Dawaher, a Lexington Catholic.

DL: Jamalion Harkless, Frederick Douglass.

DL: Jahvon Frazier, Brian Station.

DL: Jalen Hand, Frederick Douglass.

DL: Can Miller, Henry Clay.

K: Max DeGraff, Lexington Catholic.

Frederick Douglas’ defensive lineman Jamalion Harkless was a first team All-City selection. Photo courtesy of Nathan McPeek

second team offense

QBs: Jackson Wasik, Lexington Catholic.

QBs: Call Colony, Paul Lawrence Dunbar.

RB: Jeremiah Mundy-Lloyd, Brian Station.

RB: Theo Jones of Tate’s Creek.

WR: Parker Cheney, Lexington Christian.

WR: Thomas Howard, Frederick Douglass.

WR: Brock Coffman, Thayer.

OL: Garion McKinney, Lexington Christian.

OL: Brooks Curwin, Lexington Christian.

OL: Max Ishmael, Lexington Christian.

OL: Devan Young, Tates Creek.

ATH: Damin Green, Brian Station.

second team offense

Database: Therion Hicks, Frederick Douglass.

Database: Kobe Middleton, Tates Creek.

Database: Evan Brown, Lexington Christian.

Database: Sam Clements, Lexington Catholic.

lb: Nicholas Dixon, Brian Station.

lb: Logan Julian, Tates Creek.

lb: Darvon Frazier, Brian Station.

DL: Canon McCrea, Lexington Catholic.

DL: Chase Couch, Lexington Christian.

DL: Terry Tinsley, Paul Lawrence Dunbar.

DL: Garrison McKinney, Lexington Christian.

K: Emmanuel Castro, Tates Creek.

honorable mention

Bryan Station: Colton Esenbock (DL).

Henry Clay: Jackson Kreutzer (WR); James Vanderpool (OL); Jaden Bailey (DB); Nash Dotson (LB); Landon Valentine (LB/TE); Donovan Cowan (LB); /WR); Grady Phillips (OL).

Lafayette: Des Hanley (RB/LB); DeMarcus Surratt (WR/DB); Will Samuelson (OL); Aaron Vibert (OL); Darian Kessner (DB); Kevin Amri (WR/DB); Beckley (DL); AJ Nichols (LB/ATH); Ericsson Pierre-Louis (RB/DB); Blake Jones (OL).

Lexington Catholic: Spencer Bennington (LB); Hunter Foster (WR); Bennett Williams (DL); Walker Hall (RB).

Lexington Christian: Major Brown (LB); Will Nichols (TE/LB); Hunter Adams (LB).

Paul Lawrence Dunbar: Noah Chapman (RB); Niall Bailey (DL); Can Miller (LB); Jacobe Biggerstaff (WR); Colton Turner (OL); Jaiden Commodore (ATH);

Thayer: Charlie Slab (LB/ATH); Luke Pennington (QB/FS); Jack Bernard (OT/NG); Nicholas Willis (DT/OG); Travis Smith (LB/RB); Kaemon Peavler (DT/ OT); Brady Atkins (K/P); Tyler Francis (C); Ben Matheny (NG/OG).

Tates Creek: Ke’shon Douthitt (WR); Andrew Witherington (QB); Markevion Smith (WR/RB); Thomas Seigler (DB); Michael Wynn (DL).

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