College football rankings: Colorado makes history as Bottom 25 champion is crowned for 2022 season


Dear bottom 25 readers, it’s that time of year again. A time when the worst of the worst players gather around his field to enter the playoffs and determine the bottom 25 champions, the only true champions of college football.

This year’s playoff field will consist of 12 teams, but only one team from the bottom of the scrum can claim the crown. who is that? More on that later. First, remember who’s playing for the coveted award this season. There will be 12 teams on the field, with the bottom four receiving first round byes. Those four teams are:

No.1 UMass (1-11)
2nd Colorado (1-11)
3. South Florida (1-11)
4th New Mexico (2-10)

The next eight teams will face off in the first round, with the loser of each match advancing.

No. 5 Northwestern (1-11) at No. 12 Louisiana Tech (3-9)
No. 6 Hawaii (3-10) vs. No. 11 Charlotte (3-9)
No. 7 Nevada (2-10) vs. No. 10 FIU (4-8)
No. 8 Akron (2-10) vs No. 9 Colorado State (3-9)

Well, as for the explanation of how to play the game, it’s easy. The bottom 25 ranking is based on a formula used to determine how likely each team is to lose against the other team. Then explore the magical powers of our online number generator and ask them to choose a number from 1 to 100. Until these teams agree to face off in a real top 25 playoff, this is my only route.

Let’s go to the playoffs!

first round

No. 12 Louisiana Tech beats No. 5 Northwestern University 23-16
No. 11 Charlotte wins No. 6 Hawaii 47-42
No. 10 FIU beats No. 7 Nevada 38-34
No. 9 Colorado State beats No. 8 Akron 14-13

Our first round had surprisingly few upsets as the favorites all won and knocked out. and Colorado State, but neither were able to secure a victory. Will it remain cloudy in the quarterfinals?


No. 8 Akron beats No. 1 UMass 17-3
No. 7 Nevada beats No. 2 Colorado 48-27
No. 3 South Florida beats No. 6 Hawaii 35-34
No. 5 Northwestern beats No. 4 New Mexico, 5-3

Of the four teams to say goodbye, only South Florida had the extra reserves available, giving Hawaii an exciting 35-34 upset and dropping out of the tournament. Elsewhere, No. 1 UMass makes a strong opening statement, defending his title and looking to bottom his 25th championship for the third time in the last four years. Minutemen should focus on No. 2 Colorado as Buffalo was beaten by Nevada his 48-27.


No. 6 Hawaii beats No. 1 UMass 31-13
No. 4 New Mexico beats No. 2 Colorado 17-16

It was no surprise that No. 1 UMass dropped to No. 6 Hawaii. There’s a big gap between the two in my rating, giving the Minutemen a serious advantage in the random number generator, but it’s an advantage that UMass has spent all season gaining on the field. New Mexico’s match for second place was fairly close, but the Buffs held on despite a strong challenge to advance to the Bottom 25 Championship.

bottom 25 championship

No. 1. UMass defeated No. 2 Colorado, 2-0

What more could you ask for in a title game than a battle for 1st and 2nd place? It was a game both teams had been building all season, and in the end Colorado had a little too much for his UMass to overcome, and the Minutemen saw a bad snap of a punt soar over the punter’s head. , went through the end zone and hit Ralphie in the middle of the eye, thus winning 2–0 at safety. This caused Ralphie to go on a rampage across the stadium, but after a 25-minute delay, Ralphie’s handlers were able to put things back together and finish the game.

Colorado becomes the first Power Five program to win the Bottom 25 Championship. It’s truly a historic moment. Congrats to the Buffaloes. That said, Deion Sanders has no intention of returning here next year.

Bottom 25 in title history

2022: Colorado
2021: UMass
2020: COVID-19 (new coronavirus infectious disease
2019: UMass
2018: Utep
2017: Utep
2016: Texas
2015: UCF
2014: SMUs
2013: Miami (Ohio)


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