Column: Michigan needs to do something about the Harbaugh/NFL rumors, and quickly


From the moment the Fiesta Bowl ended and the Michigan Wolverines’ season ended, someone thought it might be Jim Harbaugh’s last game as coach at his alma mater.

In fact, many people, especially those in the sports media, wondered.

Harbaugh said ahead of the college football playoffs that he would be “enthusiastic” coaching the Wolverines in 2023, but it’s always been written about, talked about on TV, and discussed on social media. It was not a story to do.

Fast-forward to the present, and everyone in the media is writing Harbour/NFL gossip, fueling a plethora of discussions on television and social media. The worst happened yesterday when The Athletic published an article with one quote from an unnamed source claiming that if Harbaugh was offered the NFL coaching job, it would be “a deal done.”

All such talk hurts Michigan’s football program. It’s taken a toll on recruits, with current coaches and players wondering if they’ll have Harbaugh as head coach next season.

When it comes to hiring, the 2024 Class could be really special for the Wolverines. The Class already has four commits, three of which are four-star prospects. A five-star quarterback, he has attracted higher-ranked players, including Jadyn Davis, to the program at Ohio State and the Big Ten after winning his second consecutive championship in his game. I have a very strong interest. It’s not out of the question for Michigan to rank in her top 10, or better, class in 2024.

Last year, when Harbaugh interviewed for a head coaching job with the Minnesota Vikings, the Wolverines’ recruiting momentum came to an abrupt halt. They lost out to a few high-ranking recruits in the 2023 class and never managed to build a relationship with those recruits. Michigan can’t afford that to happen again in the 2024 class.

something has to happen soon. Whether it’s an extended contact or an official statement on his Michigan Football Twitter account, it’s proof that Harbaugh isn’t gone.program and harbou Have got I couldn’t do this because of what he said last month, but no one remembers that story or comment. really soon.

The best possible solution is for Athletic Director Warde Manuel to tear up the checkbook, throw it at Harbaugh, and say, “Write it yourself.” Give him whatever he wants year after year. I’m sure money isn’t the number one priority for Harbaugh — he has a lot of money, has always worked hard, competed at a high level, and valued being respected by his peers — but that Showing such commitment goes a long way to locking him up for the foreseeable future.

Plus… would it really be unfair to give Harbaugh a blank check at this point? He has made back-to-back college football playoffs. He has earned more than a long-term contract extension and is one of college football’s top head coaches. This guy knows how to coach, and any Athletic looking for a head coach would be sought after by a director or his NFL general manager.

After all, we’re all too familiar with these rumors and stories flying around. Harbaugh’s presence in Ann Arbor has happened nearly every offseason, especially the last one. But this time we need more urgency.


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