Cricket news: England shatter 112-year Test record, run rate, scores, Ben Stokes,

England have broken their Test cricket record in 2022.

The Pommes have won nine of their last 10 games since former New Zealand superstar Brendon McCallum took over.

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McCallum had a knack for looting bowling attacks on all corners of the ground around the world, and he brought that same knack to England.

Nicknamed ‘Buzzball’, the British player brought his one-day-style attacking flair to the Test cricket format and left onlookers in awe.

Ben Stokes’ men currently rank third behind Australia and India, but their newfound style has put their name in the history books.

England finished the 2022 calendar year with a run rate of 4.13 per over over 15 tests. An unprecedented number in Test cricket and one not seen in 112 years.

This is the second highest run rate recorded in a calendar year since Test cricket began in 1877.

Only Australia surpassed the staggering figure of 4.47 per over in 1910, which came from two tests.

A magical four runs per over mark has been achieved three times throughout Test history, with Australia in 2003 (12 Tests) third with 4.08 runs per over.

England stepped up their offensive onslaught in the final month of the year when they played against Pakistan.

Stepping into enemy territory, England smashed Pakistan’s bowling attack with 5.50 runs per over and wiped out their opponents with a 3–0 drab.

Highest team run rate in calendar year:

1: Australia 1910 (2 tests) = 4.47

2: England in 2022 (15 tests) = 4.13

3: Australia 2003 (12 tests) – 4.08

4: Australia 2002 (11 tests) = 3.99

5: South Africa 1902 (3 tests) = 3.98

With the series win, England claimed more victories than they had ever recorded in Pakistan, having only won two Tests beforehand.

In the first Test, Pommes took “the biggest win in Test history” in a chaotic final day at Rawalpindi.

Commentator Nasser Hussain said, “This is one of the greatest test wins ever.

Meanwhile, the cricket world was so enraptured by the incredible result that British media official Piers Morgan dubbed it ‘the biggest win in Test history’.

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