Dylan Raiola nod to Huskers gets fans revved up

Like all other Nebraska football fans who follow Recruiting, I saw the news that Dylan Raiola was retiring from Ohio State this weekend and was almost immediately excited to find out what it meant. After all, it’s no secret that successive coaching staffs have renewed their push for five-star quarterbacks since Scott Frost was fired.

When you learn that all major recruitment experts are now thinking that the Nebraska Football Program is the most likely place for Dylan Raiola to take his next vows, calm things down. Attempts to look rational take a serious hit.

Given all the buzz circulating around, the former Ohio commit doesn’t seem to be putting the rumors to rest. There seems to be

Photography began on Monday cycle the web Dylan Raiola, his brother Dayton (who has Nebraska football offers), and sister Taylor all wear different team gear. Taylor wears her school (TCU) and Dayton wore a Georgia Bulldogs sweatshirt.

What really got Nebraska football fans going crazy was Dylan Raiola’s willingness to wear a Huskers hoodie.

Some fans were quick to point out that that’s probably where Parker came from, since the Cornhuskers actually provided Dayton, but others didn’t think it was that simple. In fact, they pointed out that the 5-star prospect was also wearing the same Adidas Husker shoes. Adidas, of course, is the official sporting goods company of the University of Nebraska.

The plot got a little thicker on Monday night when the account that tweeted the post deleted it. One thing is clear: Dylan Raiola has Nebraska football fans on the Internet going wild.

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