Fantasy football player tells AJ Dillon his league punishment

Green Bay Packers RB AJ Dillon

One of the best things about fantasy football is that it can please your friends and family. Obviously, the only people who have nowhere to roar are those who finish last. As such, most leagues have bottom-tier punishments intended to embarrass the worst players in the league that year.

The point is to come up with something fast and humiliating or slow and funny for the rest of the league. That’s why it’s so remarkable. They’re fun, they’re simple, and they don’t hurt anyone. You definitely don’t want to force one of your friends’ girlfriends into doing something life-changing. Trust me, I know I was once in a league where someone recommended going to a sperm bank as punishment, donating a sample, and ticking a box that said, “I can contact you when my child turns 18.” As a result, everyone’s chins hit the floor and did not choose that punishment.

Even that doesn’t compare to punishment AJ Dillon came across while playing Escape from Tarkov on his Twitch channel.

Well, AJ Dillon ran into the fantasy football player who is currently at the bottom of the fantasy league. At this rate, he has only four weeks left before enlistment. It’s the most brutal punishment I’ve ever heard. I understand some people dream of being in the military, but that obviously doesn’t apply to these gentlemen, because otherwise it wouldn’t be a punishment.

The Mysterious Man never said if there was a Dillon on the team, but we have to imagine the only reason they started talking about fantasy football in the first place. Dillon was on his team. If so, imagine the toll such an epiphany would take on the rest of Dillon’s season. Dillon will probably rush for 100+ yards and touchdowns every week for the rest of the season.

I really hope this guy didn’t have to pay the league buy-in for such a severe punishment. Imagine spending $25 just to be sent to the militaryNow you can do it for free! The implications this punishment brings to the table are insane and I don’t want to think about it.I really hope Dillon keeps playing well for the rest of the year…for this guy. Also, he in my league has Dillon in one, but he doesn’t want to finish last.

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