Fantasy football start sit: Tua Tagovailoa, Alvin Kamara


Every Friday during the 2022 NFL and fantasy football season, Eric Karabell always brings a rational perspective to highlight the biggest stories heading into the weekend’s game.

Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa and his fantasy-related teammates may be the classic example of an exciting player who helped a manager qualify for the fantasy playoffs, but he may not do much more. not. Is there loyalty to fantasy football? Tagovailoa and his pals likely had a rough last week, but that’s certainly the case now as they face a challenging road game Saturday night in cold Buffalo.

Tagovailoa is the eighth-leading quarterback in fantasy points per game this season with 18.4, and he last reached that number in Week 10. 29.1 to 24 to 23.4 to 15.9 to 13.8, culminating in a disappointing Week 14 outing for the Chargers, making just over 28 passes for 145 yards against an average defense lacking key members. Completed 10 passes and scored just 12.6 points. Tagovailoa is the quarterback against the Bills this week.He didn’t make the top 10. His full season numbers are irrelevant.

It seems strange that fantasy managers and fantasy experts trust Tagovailoa in their road games in Buffalo, yet he’s clearly not playing well due to circumstances, injuries, or whatever. He’s one of the better stories this season, but he’s been woefully inaccurate lately, averaging only 14 fantasy points per game over the past three games, missing open receivers left and right. Additionally, Tagovailoa only scored 11.4 points in the Week 3 home matchup against the Bills. Don’t trust season stats for the most important games! Better to rely on recent trends.

Of course, Tagovailoa’s recent struggles have inspired others as well. Wide his Tyreek Hill at his receiver has been in great shape over the past two weeks, scoring his PPR points of 53.7, but he’s still the only one seeing countless targets. Still, Hill has caught 19 of his 33 targets in his three games, which is a very low percentage. In his first 10 games, he had only 25 targets where he failed to catch a pass. I’m not saying things will fall apart on Saturday, but Hill may be the only Dolphin we have to rely on.

After all, we saw Jaylen Waddle as an option in WR1 a month ago, but his final touchdown came in Chicago in Week 9, and he’s only scored 7 PPR points in the past two weeks. not.With only five defenses allowing quarterbacks fewer fantasy points than the Bills, Miami can no longer rely on the running game, the Dolphins ran for 191 yards last 3 weeks, in one of those games with Low Houston. Jeff Wilson Jr. has an injury to his hip and may not be able to wear the suit, but Raheem his mostt has been in the double digits since week 7 and in one game he achieved his PPR points doing.

The Dolphins are struggling and facing the toughest test of the season. By the way, with the Packers, Patriots (a cold-weather road game), and Jets finishing things up, the rest of the regular season doesn’t look too appealing either. It’s not something.

Perhaps the fantasy managers of Tagovailoa, Waddle and Mostert don’t have a better option heading into Week 15.probably they conduct There are other options, but I hope, as the ancient fantasy saying goes, “to go with those who got there.” Well that’s ridiculous. I’m not rooting for the Dolphins to get on track in Buffalo on Saturday, but you have to think logically. Something is wrong with this offense, so if you can get around everyone but Hill, do is recommended.

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