Football: Top Plays From 2022 Season

The 2022 season was full of great moments with eight wins and a chance at the Ivy League title in the final week of the regular season.

Best defense in the country.

Top passing offense in the Ivy League.

A superstar in both offense and defense.

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s top plays.

  1. Andrei Iosibus 43 yard catch vs. Stetson.

That was his introduction to 2022. Stetson’s defensive back had great coverage for the senior captain, but it didn’t matter. hooked. It eventually led to the Tigers’ second touchdown of the game, tying the score at 14. The Tigers went on to score 32 straight points to secure the win over Stetson.

  1. Dylan Crussi Lehi vs. 23-yard catch.

In a career defined by tough catches, Classi’s sideline toe taps felt almost routine. It was the start of an all-time best season for Klassi, who led all non-Princeton receivers in both catches (61) and receiving yards (915), and added four touchdowns.

  1. Andrei Iosibus Lehi vs. 65-yard touchdown.

Sometimes you’re just faster than everyone else. Iosvias caught the ball at Princeton’s 38-yard line and reached the corner of the field to pass Lehigh’s defense. NCAA track-all He put out the old adage that Americans… speedkill.

  1. connor halstein Blocked punt vs. Lehi.

Hulstein sliced ​​the line, blocked Lehi’s punt, and got the ball back at Lehi’s 23-yard line. It led to a field goal for Princeton, giving the home team a 13-point lead. The Mountainhawks never finished in the top 9 for the rest of the way.

  1. Will Perez 4th down sack vs. Columbia match.

In a game in which the Princeton defense allowed no points on Columbia’s 13 drives, Perez was arguably the best player on the field. He had a big 4-down sack to end the 1st, and another 1 interception.

  1. Dylan Crussi 34 yards touchdown.

Stars have a knack for finding cameras. Classi scooted into her zone in the first of her two ends of the day, putting Princeton up her 21-10 and waving at the cameras. He finished with nine catches for 169 yards, which was a career-high.

  1. Andrei Iosibus 61-yard touchdown catch vs. Harvard.

It’s usually a bad idea to keep the best players in the Ivy League open, but Crimson did and Princeton took advantage of it. With a flick of a flea, the iosivus streaked right down the middle of the field into the end zone. A potential NFL Draft pick had a bit of motivation after the Harvard Crimson newspaper called him and Classi’s auxiliary receiver.He finished with nine grabs for 176 yards. He’s not bad as an alternate player.

  1. Liam Johnson’s 89-yard interception return for touchdown with Cornell

I had the game and the play was impressive. Johnson got caught at the Princeton 11-yard line, missed two defenders near the 35-yard line, and then scored a convoy into the end zone for his first career pick six.

  1. Matthew Jester A 2-point PAT return against Cornell.

Johnson deflected the pass and Jester stood in the end zone and caught it.

  1. Liam Johnson’s A 92-yard fumble return for a touchdown vs. Penn.

It was a signature moment of an outstanding season for Johnson, who scooped up the football and tallied 92 yards for his second touchdown of the season. He named Ivy his league Defensive Player of the Year (Jeremiah Tyler), the fourth-most in the conference after weeks of finishing with 90 tackles.

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