From Waugh to Pollock, legends call for rule change after bad light farce at SCG | Cricket

The ongoing test between Australia and South Africa in Sydney left many frustrated after the first day of play was suspended due to bad weather and brief rain. Australia were batting at 147/2 when the referee called for stumps. It was decided that the match would resume 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled start on the second day.

However, the early stump decision was met with strong reaction from cricket legends who called for the implementation of new rules in such scenarios. is not good, play cannot continue.

Former Australian cricketer Kerry O’Keeffe fox sports The Commentary Committee said: But this is a mid-afternoon reading for the rest of the game. ”

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Mark Waugh also felt that the light was enough to keep the match going. “I want to change the rules. I’m just saying that when the lights are on, he’ll keep it,” Waugh said. fox cricket.

“I really don’t know. If it was a pink ball, we would be there and if it was a red ball, it wouldn’t be perfect, it’s an outdoor sport and sometimes the lights turn one side I prefer it over the other.

He added: Did Australia look like they couldn’t see the ball while batting? I think they saw it.

“The lights are on, we keep them on. Simple. There’s no way we should have walked away when we went… I think we have to change our mindset.”

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Former South African pace player Sean Pollock also emphasized the fact that if this had been a pink ball test, play would have continued. It’s just the nature of the beast,” he was quoted as saying in the same report.

“Well, if we keep developing the pink ball to work exactly the same as the red ball all the time, I think we’ve solved that problem forever,” he added.

While play was suspended, Alan Border, who was on the way, also echoed for a rule change. “The light rules right now are too lenient. It’s easy to get off. I think that’s something the game needs to look at more carefully,” he said.

Former Australian captain Steve Waugh, Mark’s brother, had a similar reaction. Posting a photo of the floodlit venue on Instagram, Waugh wrote:

“A lot of unhappy spectators who don’t understand why and why they don’t play”

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