Full Scorecard of Hurricanes vs Strikers 30th Match 2022/23 – Score Report

7.2 To CP Jewel, What a catch! Delivery is slower at lengths off the stump. Jewel throws her hand at it, but a little early in the stroke. The ball curves from the outside edge and short he swirls toward his third man. There Rin backtracks and jumps into the air to complete a stunning grab. Exactly what the Strikers needed!. 88/1

13.3 To MJ Owen, Straight to the fielders! In the slot outside the stump. Owen sits on his crease and looks to hit it for a long time.This time, however, he doesn’t make it all the way to the middle and shoots an arrow straight and long off of him, where Agar makes a mistake. No offense!The Strikers are now being scraped off!. 140/Four

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