Georgia vs TCU College Football Playoff National Championship First Thoughts, Prediction

Georgia vs. TCU in the College Football Playoff National Championship.First reaction, first thought, early prediction

Georgia vs. TCU College Football Playoff First Thoughts, Early Predictions

Peach Bowl: Georgia – Ohio 5 Thoughts
Fiesta Bowl: TCU – 5 Michigan Thoughts
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5. TCU Is Really In The College Football Playoff National Championship

The chaos subsides and Georgia’s win over Ohio State was a great enough game to take some of the attention away from TCU’s win over Michigan, so we’re free to speak here…

Michigan messed it up spectacularly.

Of course, TCU deserves credit for pulling it off. We’re making the trip to Los Angeles, but 129 other college football teams aren’t. The offense broke through Michigan’s defense, which produced his two pick 6s, and Michigan scored 39 points in the second half.

All this just ended a while ago and is still fresh. I may change my mind and thoughts in the next few days, but no one chooses TCU to win this one. I thought Michigan would break through the horned toads and still do, and would score an own goal after that didn’t happen.

If I make a mistake, I will eat it again.

TCU does what “nobody believes”. yeah, here it is. Hands up.

4. Is there a national interest without Michigan?

If there was a College Football Playoff National Championship, people would be watching. And this falls on both sides.

TCU is not that big. It’s a great story, and the fanbase is understandably insane, but the folks at ESPN who care about ratings most believe Michigan is breaking something classy they didn’t make this one.

Michigan vs. Ohio State would be better for the national interest, but Michigan vs. Georgia wouldn’t have been a disaster — even if last year’s CFP semifinal matchup in Orange was a disaster.

Georgia has no star power other than a volatile NFL draft football type.

Barring an unstoppable ruckus in the semifinals, TCU vs. Georgia may have a hard time resonating with the world pivoting toward the NFL playoffs.

That said…

Peach Bowl: Georgia – Ohio 5 Thoughts
Fiesta Bowl: TCU – 5 Michigan Thoughts

3. Georgia’s talent level

There are obvious concerns here.

Michigan has a lot of talent on both sides of the ball, but it’s nothing like what Georgia is bringing.

As my worn line goes, there are 3.5 teams in the same elite NFL talent level college football. Alabama, Ohio, Georgia, and USC Offense. TCU had all The fight against Michigan went well and of course had its own break.

Michigan differs from Georgia in terms of talent. Almost no one. TCU may be very mean, but those bulldog lines should be able to take over…

Wait, sounds familiar. It’s like I wrote about Michigan or something. (Full disclosure: I was a disaster trying to choose for or against TCU this year.)

2. We’re not so lucky to have three great college football playoff games

In eight years of the college football playoffs, that hasn’t happened. Only his one game against Georgia at the Rose in 2018 against Oklahoma was a good semifinal undercard. It’s true that he didn’t have three good matches in the tournament.Now we are spoiled for victory for TCU and Georgia That.

TCU broke all molds and expectations, but are there three good playoff games?

1. First Prediction for College Football Playoff National Championship

Georgia 34, TCU 20

Don’t put a twist on this just yet – adapt and adjust – but run with the idea that the TCU will hold the Bulldog down for a while and then you’ll have problems.

Yes, this was supposed to happen against Michigan, but this Georgia offensive line fires barrels where the Big Ten teams didn’t.

TCU get the ball moving with a suddenly rocking Georgia defense that has a lot of bending but never breaks. not.

I’m watching the Georgia vs. Oregon game. It comes out perfectly polished and scores easily on his first two drives and coasting from there.

Peach Bowl: Georgia – Ohio 5 Thoughts
Fiesta Bowl: TCU – 5 Michigan Thoughts

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