‘Hardik Pandya needs to focus on his attitude’ | Cricket

All-rounder Hardik Pandya has earned accolades for his previous captaincy of the Indian team. Pandya led India his sixth in his T20I, his first against Sri Lanka. The team won the match by two runs and maintained Pandya’s unbeaten streak as the Indian team’s skipper.

The match against Sri Lanka was also arguably the closest Pandya came to losing as India’s captain, with moments where he got angry at his teammates and a strained look on his face. Former Indian wicketkeeper Sabah Karim feels this is an aspect of captaincy that Pandya will have to work on.

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“I think he needs to focus on his attitude. I don’t think that’s the right thing to do for the team’s development, we have to trust the players,” Karim told India News.

Karim also said he liked the way Pandya was willing to put his team in a difficult position to prepare for similar situations in bigger matches in the future. I was also impressed with how he handled Shibam Mavi in ​​his debut match.

“There are two things I like about our captain, Hardik Pandya. He said he wants to bat regardless of the toss. Apart from that, every game you have to learn something and put your team in a tough situation,” Karim said.

“Second, newcomer Shivam Mavi bowled on a power play, meaning he wants to set an example as captain.” India’s second T20I against Sri Lanka will be played in Pune on Thursday. The win seals a series win for the hosts in a three-match series.

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