‘It’s great to be back’


KEARNY, Nebraska (KSNB) – The University of Nebraska-Kearney introduced Ryan Held as the 19th head football coach in the show’s history at a press conference Tuesday at the Health and Sports Center.

Local4 spoke one-on-one with Held about the opportunity to return to Nebraska. He previously coached his back running, and from 2018 he served as a recruiting coordinator at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln through 2021, and from 2018 he played for the Huskers through 2018, where he won two national championships. won the 1993-96. Here’s part of that interview, which you can watch in the embedded video.

Q: How exciting is it to come here and be introduced today and really start your journey here with UNK football?

A: “I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. It’s been a great day. Now it’s official and everything’s done. Everyone’s excited. We have to go to work.” We have good feelings and enthusiasm, but it depends on our daily work.

Q: What attracted you and made this opportunity special for you?

A: “Well, (UNK Athletics Manager) Mark (Bauer). His vision for his relationship with Mark, UNK Athletics and the football programme. I love Nebraska I’m glad I’m back I’m a Midwest guy I’ve lived in different places and I’m glad I’m back is.”

Q: Where did the DDT mantra come from and what does it mean to you?

A: “When I saw what I wanted in a player, whether it was on the field, off the field, or in life, it felt like when you could fit it all into those three elements. Detailed;


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