Jalen Carter and best NFL Draft prospects


Led by quarterback Stetson Bennett on the offensive side of the ball and defensive tackle Jaylen Carter on the defense, the Georgia Bulldogs are again in the College Football Playoffs. Heading into the playoffs, the Bulldogs put together an impressive 13-0 his season.

Following their 2021 championship victory, Georgia once again looked to be one of the best teams in the country. Just like last season, a few players will make the jump to the NFL again.

Following the National Championship last season, Georgia selected 15 players in the 2022 NFL Draft. The year before he was drafted nine players in 2021. And now, after another strong season, the Bulldogs will be in his NFL Draft again.

Along with Jalen Carter, multiple Georgia players not only get selected in the NFL Draft, but they have a very good chance of showing their talent in the first round. On both sides of the ball, this roster is full of talent.

Georgia’s top three NFL Draft prospects include Jalen Carter.

Keeley Ringo, CB

Georgia’s Keeley Ringo could very well be the first cornerback selected in the 2023 NFL Draft.

After missing the entire 2020 season with injury, Ringo burst onto the Georgia scene in 2021.

Over 14 games, Ringo had a total of 34 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, 1 sack, 8 defensive passes, 2 interceptions and 1 touchdown.

Following a strong 2021 campaign, Ringo did even better in 2022.

So far this season, Ringo has made 13 appearances. He was again a legitimate force, recording a total of 36 tackles, two tackles for loss, six defensive passes, and two interceptions.

At 6-2, Ringo is sized to accommodate larger wide receivers. In addition to his speed, he has given trouble to even the best pass catchers this season.After dominating the SEC, Ringo is expected to do the same in the NFL. Based on what we’ve shown so far, he’s likely to make an impact from day one.

Nolan Smith, LB

Nolan Smith has been a superstar for the Georgia State defense since he first hit the field in 2019. After his 2021 Elite campaign, many believed he would be in his 2022 NFL Draft. Instead, however, Smith chose to return to Athens. He performed the show again before his season ended prematurely with a torn chest.

During his freshman season, Smith showed signs of just how much better he could get.

Smith then put together another solid campaign in 2020. In just seven games he recorded 21 total tackles, 2.5 total tackles and 2.5 total sacks.

As Georgia runs through 2021, Smith puts together the best season of his college days. In 12 games, he regularly packed his stats while playing in one of the greatest defenses of all time. In total, he recorded 53 combined tackles, 8 losing tackles, and 4.5 total sacks.

Smith has since opted to return to Georgia in 2022. He recorded 18 total tackles, 7 tackles for loss and 3 total sacks before his season ended early. While playing a key role on the defensive side, Smith didn’t put together a campaign like his previous year, but he did show just how good he was.

Based on what he’s accomplished on the field, Smith has all the makings of a next-level star. Georgia has consistently produced elite players off the edge, making Smith a great next pick There is a possibility. He has the tools to beat the enemy’s offensive line in several ways, through both speed and power.

Darnell Washington, Tete

Georgia’s Darnell Washington appeared to be one of the best tight ends in the country. Based on what he’s done this season, he’s very likely to sneak into the first round of the NFL Draft.

In his first two seasons in Georgia, Washington appeared sparingly in the offense. Through his first two his seasons, he appeared in a total of 12 games, receiving 17 times for 321 receiving yards and he scored one touchdown. His use in the air was occasional, and he was more used to his blocking ability.

As of 2022, Washington has made improvements across the game. Aerial, he scored his two touchdowns on his 417 receiving yards and his 26 receptions. On the ground, he was arguably the best pass-blocking tight end in the country.

Several young tight ends have been able to make an immediate impact in the NFL. Washington has the potential to do just that. At 6-7, he has the size to win almost any matchup. He also has the speed to get off the field with ease. When placed in the right system, he could be an elite option for any offense.

Jalen Carter, DT

Georgia’s Jalen Carter just might be the best player in the NFL Draft. He seemed one of the most devastating defensive forces in recent history.

During his freshman season, Carter played well, appearing on the field in a total of eight games, recording 14 combined tackles and 3 tackles.

In 2021, Carter looked like the best player on the field at times while playing alongside NFL-level players. Recorded 1 sack.

During the 2022 season, Carter once again looked dominant in every way. He appeared in 11 games with 29 tackles, 7 tackles and 3 sacks.

Throughout his three seasons with Georgia, Carter has played alongside some of the most talented players in recent history. That includes current Philadelphia Eagles star rookie defensive his tackle Jordan Davis. But Carter has the potential to be the best player ever.


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