Jim Harbaugh, Michigan football player press conference Fiesta Bowl


Phoenix — Michigan Football has officially arrived in Arizona and is set to embark on a week of practice and media availability with opponents TCU at the Vrbo Fiesta Bowl on Saturday.

Upon arrival at Sky Harbor Airport, Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines were greeted by fans on the tarmac and quickly moved to tents where running back Donovan Edwards, safety Rod Moore and linebacker Michael Barrett took questions from the media. received.

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Finally, Edwards beckoned the child fan to ask a question (which you can read at the end of the transcript).

Here’s everything the group had to say with the college football playoff semifinals looming.

Opening declaration

Coach Harbaugh: Thank you. i was here It was a nice flight. I had a good practice today. Glad I jumped on the plane and came here. I am honored to be here. This is the best of the best and our team is ready to make it happen.

Mike Barrett: Like my coach said, I’m happy to be back. Good to be here. December, January, it’s a blessing to be able to play all the time. So it feels great, especially when the weather changes. I feel good when I am here.

Rod Moore: It’s an honor to be here. Thank you, everyone. and go blue.

How much has Donovan Edwards meant to this team since Blake Colm’s injury?

Coach Harbour: Approximately 401 yards. Donovan, how many destroyers?

DONOVAN EDWARDS: In the last two games? I think three. Three touchdowns are the last two games.

Coach Harbaugh: It’s pretty big.

Jim, you talked about your four goals for the year in July. His three of them have been completed and this is one of his last games to reach his fourth game. Can you talk about this season, this moment, and where you are right now?

COACH HARBAUGH: This is where we want to be. And like I said, the best of the best performances. That’s where we want to be. It’s great to have it.

Jim, we got time to see TCU in the movies, what did you see from them? And Sonny Dykes said they have the speed of the team. What have you seen about that aspect?

COACH HARBAUGH: They are a great team. No question about it. Any position is really good. Yeah, I agree, speed, but this is also a strong team in all three phases.

Jim, can you talk to Max Duggan about what you saw on his tape and what he means for the TCU offense?

COACH HARBAUGH: He’s one of the best players in the country leading one of the best teams in the country. great competitor. he is very productive All-out attack and leadership and all. You can tell, he’s on a mission. And so is our man, JJ McCarthy.

Jim, you obviously made it to last year’s college football playoffs. Now that you’re back, what have you drawn since last year? What did you learn last year? And what is the difference going into this?

Coach Harbaugh: From day one, I think this team just said, ‘I’m going to do my best today.’ And through winter conditioning, spring balls, training camps, and the season, they approached it like this every day…so no change. That’s our goal. I have to do my best today.

Can you talk about your relationship with JJ and how he has grown and matured on offense this year?

DONOVAN EDWARDS: So he was always ready — he could always be in one position at quarterback. Now that he’s here, now that he’s got it, he’s continuing to do what got him here to continue to be successful.

Hey Donovan, how healthy are your hands? Back in your days at West Bloomfield, how much do you enjoy playing on the big stage?

DONOVAN EDWARDS: Like I said, after the Big Ten Championship match and coach Harbaugh, he said first. I live in the big game. That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to play in the big game.

I am blessed by God that I can play in the big game, do my thing on the big stage, and give God glory after the game and before the game.

I want to hear the players’ voices. What’s so special about this Michigan team?

DONOVAN EDWARDS: Everyone works hard. We are all humble. I wish everyone well. There is no selfishness in this team. Everyone is disciplined. Everyone is well coached — everyone is wired to be a Michigan man. We are getting great coaching from our head coach and all position coaches. , it’s easy when you have coachable players and great players you can play with. we play for each other.

MIKE BARRETT: I would like to say our ability to make each other better every day and ourselves better than we were yesterday. We are always coming out no matter what and striving to improve each other so that we can become the best team in the country.

Jim, how many of the real freshmen have come in early? Also, having been able to spend time with the team so far, what are your impressions of them at practice?

Coach Harbaugh: Really good. It didn’t take long for them to pick up speed. The first few days are exciting. But by the second and third practice, they were doing really well.

Donovan Edwards: Boy in Harbour’s My Hero Shirt, do you have any questions?

Harbour, you are my hero.

DONOVAN EDWARDS: Sorry, I didn’t hear you. Be confident my boy. Be confident.

Harbaugh, you are my hero.

(End of press conference)


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