Kittle needs more targets, Chubb & Saquon are slowing down

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Matt Harmon joins guest co-host Rich Hribar for Thursday’s very special episode of Stat Nerd. This episode provides his one stat for all 32 teams and previews Thursday night’s game between the 49ers and the Seahawks.

Why it’s pointless to complain about the Cowboys’ backfield committee, it’s too expensive for Isaiah Pacheco, what killed the Ravens offense, and the jammer chase if Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins miss this week’s game. Find out about roles.

Can we start Tua in Fantasy this week? Can we start Saquon Barkley? Is there a worse offense than the Denver Broncos?

Matt and Rich begged people to stop fighting over Jared Goff, realized they should have expected the Buccaneers’ offense to be mediocre, and replaced Atlanta’s new starting quarterback, Drake London. I am at a loss as to what to do.

Enjoy all of this in this fun episode of Stat Nerd Tuesday.

02:10 Philadelphia Eagles

05:55 Buffalo Bills

09:25 Dallas Cowboys

11:40 Kansas City Chiefs

15:30 Minnesota Vikings

17:50 Baltimore Ravens

21:00 Cincinnati Bengals

23:30 Miami Dolphins

28:00 New York Giants

30:40 Washington Commander

32:30 Los Angeles Chargers

34:50 New England Patriots

36:45 New York Jets

38:50 Tennessee Titans

40:15 Detroit Lions

42:40 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

45:10 Atlanta Falcons

47:10 Carolina Panthers

48:10 Cleveland Browns

50:20 Green Bay Packers

51:45 Jacksonville Jaguars

54:00 Las Vegas Raiders

55:45 Pittsburgh Steelers

56:25 Indianapolis Colts

58:10 Arizona Cardinals

59:30 Los Angeles Rams

61:05 New Orleans Saints

62:45 Chicago Bears

63:55 Denver Broncos

67:00 Houston, TX

67:15 TNF 49ers at Seahawks

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