Lawmakers confirm umpires were correct at the MCG in Mankad incident, Adam Zampa, Tom Rogers

Official cricket lawmakers have declared the referee correct in declaring Adam Zampa’s Mankad attempt at the MCG on Tuesday night to have failed.

As the incident went viral in the cricket world, the MCC confirmed that Zampa had gone too far in the bowling action to run out Tom Rogers.

Zampa, captain of the Melbourne Stars, declared he had the right to expel Renegades tailman Rogers, who had crept out of his crease in the final over of the batting innings.

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However, the hitter said it was “a bit dark” because he tried to laugh it off after the game, but it wasn’t out as Zampa reached a point where he was “usually expected to release the ball.”

The incident came after Australia’s test captain Pat Cummins warned the players after fast bowler Mitchell Stark gave South African Teunis de Bruyne a serious warning during the Boxing Day test in Melbourne. It happened after giving the green light to bring about a runout.

In a clear statement, the MCC, which regulates such behavior from the section of the game’s law governing “unfair play” in regards to its provisions regarding runouts, said the referee was correct.

Law of Cricket 38.3 states:

“If a non-striker is off his ground at any time from the moment the ball is put into play until the moment the bowler would normally be expected to release the ball, the non-striker may be run out.”

The point at which the ball enters play has long been defined as “the highest point of the bowler’s action”, according to a statement from the MCC.

“After the bowler has reached the highest point of action, no non-striker will be allowed to run out in this manner,” the statement said.

“This is so that the bowler cannot pretend to bowl the ball, lure the non-striker off the ground, perform his action, and then come all the way back to attempt a runout.

“The umpire did not correctly put out the non-striker (Rogers) because the bowler (Zampa) did not attempt to run out before the point where he would normally have been expected to release the ball.

“As with all incidents involving non-striker runouts, the MCC would like to reiterate that the best way for non-strikers to prevent runouts is to stay on the ground until they see the bowler release the ball. .”

Tom Rogers and Adam Zampa get together after the game. Photo: Morgan Hancock/Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Zampa was adamant that he was within his right to attempt a runout, but conceded that if he and the Stars appealed, they could have dropped the appeal.

As the Stars captain said, we might do it again because it’s within the rules.

“I don’t know what decisions they will make once they are sentenced,” he said.

“Even if my technique is right and[referee]Gerard[Aboud]says I’m probably out, I don’t know what decision I would make.

“I’m a very competitive guy, so when he (Rogers) used it (stealing) to his advantage, I think I saw a little bit of red.

“I’m not saying we won’t do it if we find ourselves in that situation again.”

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