Mississippi State football: 3 takeaways from the Bulldogs’ 19-10 ReliaQuest Bowl victory over Illinois

Mississippi State Football returned from a 3-10 deficit to beat Illinois 19-10 at halftime in Mike Leach’s Swan Song game at the 2023 Leriaquest Bowl in Tampa, Florida, to throw a thriller. played.

For the Bulldogs, the Zach Arnett era kicks off on a high note. They finished the season at his 9-4, the first season since 2017 with nine wins or more, and a fitting sendoff to Mike Leach and his legacy.

Ending the season is another headache for Illinois. Illinois hasn’t won a bowl game since his 2011 (he beat UCLA 20-14 in the Fight Hunger Bowl). They also end the season losing four of their last five games.

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