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The Clemson Tigers missed out on a spot in the College Football Playoffs for the 2022 College Football season, but they’re not without talent. Clemson football has a lot of players, but some are considered very likely to make it to the NFL and become stars one day. Here are four Clemson prospects to watch ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Miles Murphy, Delaware

Myles Murphy won’t be returning to Clemson in 2023 as he has already declared in the 2023 NFL Draft. Murphy, who is considered one of the NFL’s top contenders not only in Clemson but across the country, should hear his name early in next year’s draft. Murphy has been with the Tigers for three years, where he played for Clemson and has been an integral part of his stint from start to finish.

After a four-sack freshman campaign in 2020, Murphy made a huge leap in his sophomore season, tallying 8.0 total sacks and losing 14.5 tackles. His sophomore numbers in 2022 didn’t shine as bright as those in 2021, but it’s already clear that Murphy is professionally ready. A regular for Clemson this year, in his 13 games of the season, Murphy recorded his recoveries with 6.5 sacks and 11.0 tackles while he had four losses, two passes defended and a fumble.Don’t be surprised if Murphy gets picked in top 5 in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Via NFL Rookie Watch:

Miles Murphy is reportedly a “name to watch” among NFL scouts as a prospect who could sneak into the top five by the draft.

Murphy has the frame to succeed in the NFL. At 6-5 with a 275-pound body, Murphy should be able to handle professional physical prowess, but he’s not just heavy. A quality that helps you break in and stop when the opposing team runs the ball.

BrYann Brezet, DT

Another reason for Clemson’s stopping unit success in 2022 is defensive tackle Brian Breesey. In his nine games for the Tigers this year, Brezet has racked up his 2.5 sacks, 4.5 tackles and 14 total tackles. He is a huge presence in his line of Clemson football defense and is a key component of the Tigers’ strong defense, especially against runs. Clemson finished the regular season eighth in the country with only 99.0 rushing yards allowed per game.

The opposing team didn’t run much against the Tigers, knowing it would be difficult to get past Clemson’s ground defense, which was also fronted by the 6-5 Brezet, a 300-pounder. Bresee still has a lot of room for improvement, but if he can further realize his potential in the NFL, he could easily command a double team and handle them with relative ease.Clemson Together, he’s already showing great promise at breakneck speed for a man his size, helping him beat double-teams before they even get to him.

ESPN’s Todd McShay is one expert who believes Bresee’s talent translates well into the NFL.

Defensive linemen JJ Watt and Zach Allen are both free agents after this season, and Leki Fotu will continue after 2023. His numbers don’t surprise you, and he’s missed out on some time this season, but when he’s at 100%, Brezet is an incredibly talented runstaff who’s great at length and turns. A cornerback (Penn State’s Joey Porter Jr.) and an edge rusher (Miles Murphy, Bressey’s teammate at Clemson) also make sense. increase.

Trenton Simpson, LB

The third-year Clemson linebacker is pro-ready. Simpson, who has already declared himself in the NFL Draft for 2023, is ripe for the next level after posting 13.0 total sacks and 165 total tackles (including 23.0 tackles in a loss) in Clemson football. I know that Simpson is a nasty linebacker who stands 6-3 with his 230-pound frame. According to ESPN’s Matt Miller, his upper-body strength, explosiveness and agility are recognized by his NFL scouts and general managers, with one GM saying Simpson is the complete package.

“Last year Clemson’s defense was garbage, but Simpson is the man. I hope you will set me free.”

KJ Henry, DE

As a senior, Henry is confident he’s earned enough to get the attention of NFL scouts and general managers. Murphy and Bresey are considered the top two in Clemson’s strong defensive line, but Henry is also worthy of note. In his 13 games of Clemson football in 2022, Henry amassed his 3.5 sacks and lost with his career-high 9.0 tackles.

The 6-4, 225-pound defensive end has an impressive 2022 overall record of 83.7 in Pro Football Focus, nearly 20 points higher than his marks in 2021 and 2020. He’s not considered a first-round talent, but he could be considered a sleeper in the 2023 NFL Draft.


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