New broadcast deal for CRICKET AUSTRALIA with existing rights holders, set to be announced as early as tomorrow

The Daily Telegraph reports that a deal has been struck, with an announcement on the last major sport’s highly speculated TV rights deal available in Australia for several years expected as early as tomorrow. .

The new deal, which is reportedly worth about $1.4 billion over five years, includes some changes to the existing deal, and the Big Bash League will be shortened by about 20 games each season and will be broadcast by Channel 7. Now you can test match and BBL on the free BVOD platform 7Plus.

BBL games will be reduced by 20 games per season. (Image – Fox Sports)

As previously reported on this site, tv black box Even if Paramount ANZ (Channel 10) were the highest bidder for all available rights, Cricket Australia would eventually risk moving the bulk of the game to a struggling broadcaster with relatively new streaming platform Paramount+. I understand that you are willing to injure yourself.

The announcement comes as a big blow to the No. 4 free-to-air network, which is losing out to another major sports franchise after failing to secure AFL rights last September, following a string of failed shows that launched in 2022. give a blow.

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