New year, new hopes for Hyderabad Cricket Association

“The grant received from BCCI will be spent towards the development of the game.”

Release Date – 10:40 PM, Mon – Feb 23 Jan 2

Vijay Mohan Raj

hyderabad: We crossed the year 2022. For the Hyderabad Cricket Association, this will be the year they want to remain a stakeholder.

To give you an idea of ​​what we hope to change in the new year, I would venture to visualize the turnaround from the horrific experiences facing cricket and cricket enthusiasts by 2022.

Starting this year, we expect qualified young applicants who wish to represent HCA at various levels to be selected for state teams based on their ability to play. This happens when the selectors, coaches and support staff hired to develop talent are the best people they can afford.

All grants received from the Indian Cricket Control Board will be spent in the direction of the development of the game and not on non-essential infrastructure unrelated to the game or player welfare.

We use the expertise of ex-players directly to raise the level of our players, rather than running an association. This is my opinion based on the current situation of HCA, which has been run by former players.

Our image of being an organization with corruption in choice must be erased in the new year. This will only happen if players, parents, and selectors collectively say no to a “pitch” that is engaged in manipulating administrators who now enjoy absolute power. .

The adage ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is very relevant to the current distribution of the Hyderabad Cricket Association.

At New Ears, local cricket as a whole wants to be played on well-maintained grounds with sporting grass cricket pitches. The national champion tag won in 1987 will return in 2023.

Male and female cricketers wear their state colors with pride and this is a privilege only for those who deserve to play a match in Hyderabad.

The cricket facilities provided by HCA are among the best in the country and will be put to good use by aspiring players to improve their skills.

As a result of the above, the state has provided several players for various Indian teams, motivating the younger generation to idolize them and pursue the game.

Effectively, 2023 will be the year that Hyderabad games transition from their current Dark Ages to the Golden Age of Development. Hopefully.

Don’t bring extra luggage to the new year, look forward and welcome positively.

– Written by former Hyderabad and Mumbai Ranji cricketer

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