NFL Sunday Ticket and YouTube: 8 Things Football Fans Should Know

The NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to YouTube. After months of speculation, the league and Google have announced a partnership. Stream all unmarketed soccer games The next football season will start in the fall of 2023 in the United States. youtube tv and YouTube’s Primetime Channels service.

This is big news, but as a football fan you are likely to have many questions about this partnership and what it means. Let’s answer.

Will the NFL Sunday Ticket be free on YouTube?

It’s not free, nor is it just included in the base $65/month YouTube TV package. “There will be a price on Sunday tickets,” Brent Lawton, the NFL’s vice president of media strategy and business development, said in a conference call with reporters Thursday afternoon.

The NFL and Google haven’t announced prices for next season’s Sunday Ticket, but you’ll have to pay some kind of subscription fee. In a press release announcing the deal, the league said Sunday Ticket will be available as an “add-on his package for YouTube TV and standalone a la carte for YouTube primetime channels.”

Lawton says pricing is “at YouTube’s discretion” but that “there’s kind of a path for us to create several different bundles going forward.” However, it remains unknown what these bundles will look like or how much they will cost.

The NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to YouTube in 2023.

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How much are tickets for Sunday now?

DirecTV, which has offered the Sunday Ticket since its inception in 1994, charged about $300 for the basic Sunday Ticket package last season. The season fee for the “Max” version, which offers his DirecTV-specific version of RedZone and allows multiple streams, was $400.

Do I need to subscribe to YouTube TV to get the Sunday Ticket?

No. Google offers the Sunday Ticket in two ways. One will be an add-on to the company’s existing YouTube TV. Live TV streaming service Currently for $65/month, cord cutter People who don’t have a cable TV subscription.

However, if you don’t want to sign up for YouTube TV, you can still get the Sunday Ticket from the YouTube primetime channel.

What is a YouTube primetime channel?

Launched in November, the YouTube Primetime channel lets you subscribe to services like Starz, Showtime and Paramount Plus to watch directly on YouTube without having to navigate between individual apps. Each requires a monthly fee. With primetime channels, you can pay to sign up for Sunday Ticket without paying for YouTube TV.

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What does my Sunday ticket include? Can I watch my local NFL team?

Not all NFL games are included in the Sunday Ticket. You can watch all the “out of market” NFL games that air on Sundays on CBS and Fox. Does not include games aired locally on CBS or Fox stations, and domestic games aired on CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, NFL Network or streaming services such as Amazon and ESPN Plus. Instead, they are blacked out in service.

The Sunday Ticket also does not include the nationally televised NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl.

If you pay for YouTube TV, Google’s $65/month alternative cable, see all the NFL action not tied to streaming because these CBS, Fox, ESPN, and NFL Network channels are already included can do. Services such as Amazon’s Prime Video and ESPN Plus.

If you subscribe via the YouTube primetime channel, sign up for another live TV streaming service or cable package to get traditional channels and local broadcasts, including games that air on your local CBS or Fox station is needed.

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Does YouTube TV still have RedZone?

yes. Since 2020, YouTube TV has offered the NFL Network and RedZone channels (the league’s whip-around channel that bounces between games on Sundays) as an add-on for $11 per month.

“Under the expanded relationship, the carriage contract has been extended,” the league said today.

When does this Sunday ticket go on sale?

The deal will begin in the 2023 NFL regular season and will begin next fall. His NFL Sunday tickets for the remainder of the 2022 NFL regular season, which ends January 8, 2023, will continue to be sold exclusively on DirecTV.

The NFL has confirmed that YouTube will retain rights to Sunday tickets for seven years.

How much is Google paying for the NFL Sunday Ticket?

Google and the NFL have not disclosed the terms of the deal, but the Wall Street Journal said Thursday that the deal between Google and the NFL would see the tech giant pay the league “roughly” $2 billion a year over seven years. reported. However, it said costs could still rise “if certain benchmarks are reached.”

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