Northern Nash football revels in history despite championship loss


Northern Nash football coach Andrew Farris knew something special was about to happen when the senior players in the 2023 class entered first grade.

he was right The Knights core his group spent the next three years growing, improving and developing, turning the program from losing season to winning season.

As seniors, they led an undefeated season, claimed the conference championship, and established themselves as the top team in the competitive field.

They then proceeded through a challenging playoff run, beating every corner of 3A East in various ways.

Although the Knights were eliminated in the 3A state championship game, the coaching staff and players have much to be proud of in a historic season.

“I’m so excited to be here tonight,” Faris said after the game. “I’m proud of our guys and the way they fought. They never quit.”

The community was proud of them too.

Anecdotally, the Northern Nash had the most fans on each side of the field of the eight participants in the state championship game.

Governor Roy Cooper, a Northern Nash alum, stood on the sidelines wearing a Knights varsity jacket.

“We took chances here and there and peaked sneakily,” Faris said. “I want to thank the community for supporting us. They’ve been fantastic…we had a feeling there was going to be a sizeable crowd tonight. It absolutely means a lot to them to be here.” .”

“It was great,” said senior Carson Jenkins. “I didn’t expect so many fans to come.”

Fans who were there got to see what the team had to offer throughout the year. The Knights fought hard and played hard, even against the Juggernaut’s East Lincoln defense.

Dominant quarterback Kino Jones throughout the season helped his offense exceed 300 total yards against the best defense in the state.

Despite the loss, runs and appearances in the title game allowed Northern Nash to return to the forefront of football in the region.

Long dominated by Rocky Mount and Southern Nash, the Knights are now squarely back in the picture with a championship-claiming Nash County program.

“I’m happy to see them back on top,” Jenkins said. “Hopefully it continues. We set a standard and now those below us also have a high standard to continue what we started.” increase.

“Just for them to carry on and maintain the tradition,” added Jones. [Coach Farriss] It’s been a pleasure to get to where I am today, especially in the 4th grade, for 3 years. ”


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