Notre Dame Commits Continue Outstanding All-American Bowl Performances – Day 2 Recap

Five members of the Notre Dame 2023 class experienced their second day of All-American Bowl practice, with future members of the Fighting Irish program once again standing out. After the early morning practice, there was also a joint practice.

Irish breakdown Ryan Roberts After it was all over, he actually talked about what he saw from the Notre Dame commit.

Ryan first looks back on his early practice days with the Western team.he talks about what he saw mica bell, Sullivan Absher When drake bowen.

The teams then met on the same field for joint practice. This meant an East versus West competition. Arguably the biggest standout was Bell, who did excellent reporting. Ryan also talks about how impressive Bowen was at linebacker for the West team, and it was a good day for Absher as well.

The All-American Bowl takes place on Saturday, but there’s actually a lot of action from the Irish commits before that.

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