‘Old School’ Football Leads Ravens to Playoffs

‘Old school’ football takes Ravens to playoffs

With Lamar Jackson out on Saturday, the Ravens were ordered to win again without a starter signal. Offensively, running his game and backing up quarterback Tyler behind his Huntley, the Ravens secured his 17–9 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

Baltimore Sun’s Childs Walker praised the game plan, which was developed and called out by offensive coordinator Greg Roman, stating, “Greg Roman did what people wanted with a game plan straight out of the 1970s. I gave it,” he said.

“The offensive coordinator, who is often overrun, didn’t make the same mistake against the Falcons and relied on a running attack to build a lead and gain 110 yards on 20 carries in the first half to seal the game again in the fourth quarter.” Walker wrote “When the Ravens needed to get off their own 2-yard line with 6:39 left in the game, they handed the ball to Gus Edwards and he rang in at 14. First to send them into a winning formation.” When they needed a down, they gave it to Edwards twice more and he picked up an 11. It’s game over.”

Bo Smolka of Press Box also credits Roman with the play calls, especially Edwards.

“After being exposed for abandoning a run last week, Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman reunited with his running back and they came true, save for one cryptic sequence.” Smolka wrote. “Gus Edwards tallied 99 yards on 11 carries, including a 37-yarder that led to the Ravens’ third field goal early in the fourth quarter.”

NFL.com’s Eric Edholm hit back at JK Dobbins’ contribution, noting that Huntley got his feet on the ground and helped score the only touchdown in Saturday’s affair.

“After forcing a turnover on defense, the Ravens stole the ball and ran the ball for 11 straight runs before Tyler Huntley hit DeMarcus Robinson for a 6-yard touchdown, but delayed the replay.” Edholm wrote. “Gus Edwards and J.K. Dobbins fueled that drive, gaining a total of 158 yards on 23 carries that day, while Huntley finished for 31 yards in the first eight runs (before three kneelings).” Dobbins’ recent comeback bodes well for the Ravens.It wasn’t a great performance, but with Lamar Jackson still recovering, the Ravens know what they have to do.”

Ravens Defense “Silent Victory”

The Ravens have pieced together their recent hard-won win with the aforementioned run game and solid defense. CBS Sports’ John Breech shared how impressive the non-Jackson match was.

“The Ravens have quietly won three of their last four games, thanks to a defense that keeps everyone contained,” Breach wrote. “include [Saturday’s] With a win, the Ravens have surrendered by 14 points or less in six of their last seven games. “

Baltimore Beatdown’s Spencer Schultz helps give an overview of how well the defense is performing.

“The Baltimore Ravens defense hasn’t allowed a touchdown at home since Oct. 23. Their defense led them to 10 wins in an incredible second half of the season.” wrote Schultz. “If Baltimore’s defense can keep opponents under his 20 points like he’s done in all but one game since acquiring Rokuan Smith, they’re tough out.”

Critics talk winning formula ‘for now’

The Ravens won Saturday, going 3-1 in their final four games, but a familiar concern was again revealed against the Falcons. According to Walker, these flaws could prove fatal in the more competitive postseason.

“We’ve seen some trends that have plagued the Ravens in recent weeks, including blown plays in the red zone and loose defense in the two minutes before halftime,” Walker wrote. increase. “That formula doesn’t work when you face the AFC’s best players in January, but they have kept their most important players on the sidelines for most of the last month and have continued to push for postseason qualification. I wouldn’t say they lack determination.”

Walker knew the team was and was playing without a star quarterback. However, Dustin Cox of the Baltimore Beatdown expressed concern that the defense would not be able to pull off such a feat in the playoffs.

“I don’t know how far their rushing attack and defense can take them into the postseason, but so far it’s all in the dance,” Cox wrote. We can shut out a team like the Falcons, but I don’t know how well they’ll handle the AFC’s top-passing offense in the playoffs.”

Some pundits believe the formula could be scrapped in the playoffs, but former Raven Robert Griffin III believes this game plan, coupled with Jackson’s return, will put him on track to the Super Bowl. and Chad Racine of the Russell Street Report agrees.

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