Players on the roster to build around

Rutgers will welcome the latest batch of Scarlet Knights on Wednesday, as many of the program’s 2023 recruitment classes will sign letters of intent to turn verbal promises into binding decisions.

Still in rebuilding mode, Rutgers needs more talent and depth in their program. We need to increase the number of players who can create a winning trajectory.

It remains to be seen how much the newest member of the team will contribute in 2023. Early registrants can jumpstart their development by joining Scarlett his Knights in time for winter conditioning and spring practice. Either way, incoming freshmen must play an important role in the future of the program.

Despite a disappointing 4-8 record for the Rutgers last season, there were some bright spots.

Here are some of the most memorable players for 2022.

Sam Browne, running back

Brown’s appearance was one of the biggest revelations of Rutgers’ season. A true first-grader from Philadelphia, the 6-foot-1-inch, 220-pound Brown quickly showed that he could run strong, break through defenses, and make it difficult for defenders to take him down. .

Brown appeared in seven games and increased his carries as the season progressed. It culminated in his 101-yard performance and a go-ahead touchdown in the Scarlet Knights’ victory over Indiana. This is the only Big Ten win of the season.

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