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Scott Engel is in his 11th season as’s official fantasy football writer and analyst. He is an inaugural member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association Hall of Fame. Scott has won the FSWA Award four times and has been nominated ten times, including a finalist for the 2020 FSWA Fantasy Football Writer of the Year Award. Scott said in 2021 he was a fantasy football draft accuracy ranker at and tight end he was the #1 fantasy football draft accuracy ranker and #6 running his back. For more on his fantasy football analysis, visit game day Includes additional lineup and roster tips for Fantasy Football Week 15.

Scott was #2 on’s Week 9 Overall Fantasy Football Accuracy Ranker.

The playoff push in the NFL coincides with the beginning of the fantasy playoffs. Most leagues start their playoffs in Week 15 of the NFL. While the Seahawks are looking to qualify for his NFC Postseason, fantasy football is entering the most important week of his schedule.

We’ll help you with some key tips and key starting lineup choices for your next fantasy football playoff match.

Fantasy Football Playoff Tips

Optimize your roster: Now is the time to eliminate players who never start from the bench and utilize the reserve spot for prime backup. At running backs, make sure you have the top NFL backups for regular starters. For example, if you want to start Josh Jacobs, be sure to register or add Zamir White. We also recommend carrying a spare of his QB so he can start comfortably if needed. Those who have relied on Geno Smith as a starter should either get on the roster or add quality backup like Mike White or Daniel Jones.

With wide receivers, make sure you keep plenty of depth and carry two tight ends that you can stream if you don’t register essential TEs like Travis Kelce and TJ Hockenson. Many experienced fantasy players will register his two defenses during the playoffs as ideal streaming usage.

Fortify yourself in free agency: During the regular season, you have to keep players hidden and deal with bye weeks and other roster challenges, so you should only care about your roster. In the playoffs, don’t hesitate to monitor your opponent’s roster and block as much as possible from getting what they want at waivers or free agency. If the team you’re playing on needs injury replacements or streaming options, use Waiver Moves or Free Agency Pickups to get the best possible players to target. defensive moves can obviously hurt your opponent’s prospects.

Don’t rely on matchups all the time: Avoid benching top players based on seemingly difficult matchups. Yes, Geno Smith will face the 49ers this week, but he shouldn’t be booked for QB this season as he’s not ranked in the top 15 range. Smith has delivered fantastic QB1 performances in each of his last five games. Matchups should only be used to make tough decisions against similarly valuable or predicted players. The defense doesn’t always win the matchup, and Smith has made a good starter regardless of the opponent.

Make firm decisions: We all struggle with tight lineup calls, and the pressure builds when the fantasy playoffs come around. If you stick with the approach so far and are faced with a tight lineup decision, step away from the best information you’ve gathered and make a firm decision. The first trend often turns out to be the more ideal choice. Seek advice from a fantasy expert to make that decision, or get consensus from two or her three. In such scenarios, @scotteTheKing is always available for questions and answers.

Once you’ve made an informed choice, set up your lineup and you’re done. As fantasy players, the best thing we can do is make as many informed decisions as possible. That’s the most we can control and once the game starts we have to sit back and watch the players do their part. Always remember that you cannot If the ideal decision was made based on the best information available, we did everything necessary to win.

Be confident in your ability to move forward. If your team has made it this far, you’re in the mix to win it all and try to stick to the old cliché and take a “one game at a time” approach. To make sure we made the fantasy playoffs and pushed a lot of the right buttons into the postseason bracket is a huge accomplishment. If you continue to rely on the methods you used to make the playoffs, you can lead to the Fantasy Championship.

Week 15 Fantasy Football Lineup Picks

The analysis leans toward points per reception (PPR) format. We’ll give you a nod at some of the tight lineup calls this week, or feature the many players you’ll need to stream to complement your top starters.


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