Q+A With Duke Football: Andre Harris



Durham – blue devil voice David Shumatesat down with a graduate student Andre Harris For a quick Q&A session.

DS: You were so excited to get the chance to play Power 5 football at the beginning of the season. How did that reality compare to all expectations?

Oh: I think it was everything I thought it would be. It was a great experience. I’m glad I made the decision to come here. Winning makes everything fun. Even our losses were in games we didn’t really think we were losing. We feel we had a great season. We want to finish strong, win his bowl championship and build momentum for next season.because coach [Mike] Elko certainly makes something special.

DS: It will be interesting to hear about building momentum for next season. This group has laid the groundwork for their future all season long, but how will the bowl game affect that?

Oh: It’s all part of the process. We all wanted this to be built to a standard. We talked about once you qualify for the bowl and hit your goal of winning six, you don’t stop at six. Attending Elko Coach’s first recruitment class and doing it in my first year here is great.

DS: You have a real family, but you also have a football family. You’re going on vacation with your football family this season, what’s your favorite holiday tradition?

Oh: Honestly, December is around the best month, so there are so many things to do. Every day I try to enjoy one day at a time. I was used to attending bowl games around Christmas time so it has become more of a tradition and I am building a brotherhood with my team. is an unforgettable memory, so it’s a bond.

DS: Birthdays in December can be difficult. My birthday is also in December, do you want to celebrate together or both?

Oh: Happy Birthday! For me it’s like a double dip. You hit the first day of the month and you know that I will receive presents from my whole family. A few weeks later, it’s Christmas. You can’t beat it at all.

DS: We are going to Washington DC for vacation this year, what is your favorite holiday meal?

Oh: Wow. I’m big on everything. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite. I like honey ham and love the dressing sauce. I don’t know it’s a hard question. Cookies and milk are always delicious. My parents would always stick out cookies and milk for Santa and take a bite. All I do is eat the rest of the cookies and Santa is out there and there are no cookies to get.

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