Rahmir Stewart commit sets social media on fire


It was a very big day for Nebraska football recruits. In fact, considering Tristan Alvano committed on Friday, that’s already him one weekend and he still has one more day.

On Saturday, Matt Rhule and company scored a commitment by not one, not two, but three players toward recruiting quotas for the 2023 class of Nebraska football. Saturday afternoon began with the announcement that Omaha his West Side receiver Jaylen Lloyd is pulling the trigger for the Huskers. He was followed shortly after by Florida transfer safety Corey Collier. And on Saturday night, Rule and his company landed Pennsylvania safety prospect Lamir Stewart.

What’s remarkable about all three commits is that the new Husker head coach targeted them very specifically. This wasn’t a situation where Roulet was trying to beef up a player who was a former staff target (although he’s trying to do that too). All three are guys that Rule and his new staff identified as players they needed and went out and got them.

It was a big day for the new staff in the Recruiting Department who have been working hard since coming to Lincoln. And when Stewart pulled the trigger, the coach’s celebration and the fans who attended set social media on fire.

Recruitment for Nebraska Football is certainly going well, which is especially impressive considering the staff is still operating several people who are technically under-full.A few days before the national signing day, Husker’s social his media go a little crazy Near future.

Ramir Stewart has already spoken about how he wants to help fold his future teammates, including some other than Malachi Coleman, which would help start a chain reaction. A kind of prospective customer.


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