Ranking college football’s 10 greatest champions during the playoff, BCS eras


Will Georgia’s showdown with TCU next week rival the set of the biggest college football playoff game in postseason history? dating back to the turn of the century The era of BCS and playoffs.

All 10 of the most dominant title winners in that span, with incredible talent and coaching, looked to be doing their best for the elite competition. This is a sign of true elite. College football regular Surviving his season unscathed is one of his most difficult achievements in the sport. Many top teams endured year after year within the Power Five ranks, and not all of them finished unscathed.

who is college football the best Teams since 1998, BCS start? We’ve included average win percentages and ranked competition wins for all teams, but the last four had more games on their respective schedules compared to previous teams. Note that we added the

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After combing through the last 25 years of college football’s national champions, here are the latest picks for the 10 greatest champions.


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