Saturday Night Football FanDuel Picks: Dolphins-Bills NFL DFS lineup advice for single-game tournaments

It’s a special time when everyone is in the holiday spirit and football is scheduled all day on Saturday. Long live the miracle of Christmas! His AFC East-leading Bills (10-3), who capped off his header with a terrific triple this Saturday, thrashed division rivals the Dolphins (8-5) in what should be windy and snowy conditions. loss). We strongly advise you to skimp on the 7 point spread. Instead, we recommend drafting FanDuel single game tournaments to earn his DFS money!

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MVP candidate Josh Allen has led the Bills with one of the most impressive teams on either side of the ball all season long. Four consecutive wins, top four in terms of points When Possessing yards, second best scoring defense and ranks among the top 10 in total yards allowed. . When these teams met in South Beach earlier in the season, Miami defeated Buffalo and the sweep would earn Finn a tiebreaker if they finished with the same record as the Bills.

Week 15 DFS: Best Value | Best Stack

However, Miami has endured many challenges in a season of havoc. After a smoldering start at his Tyreek Hill wideout for the new franchise, QB Tua Tagovailoa suffered his two concussions in his five days, scaring everyone out of the crap. After he returned from a multi-game absence, the Dolphins returned to glory with five straight wins. However, it all came to a halt on a trip to Cali in early December, where the Dolphins suffered a losing streak to his 49ers and Chargers. In both games, Miami had his 14 first downs and he failed to exceed 17 points. And in the bolt battle, Hill (ankle) and Jeff Wilson Jr. (back), who started running, were injured.

How can you predict this game in terms of standard betting? Simply put, no. It gives an advantage to Buffalo at home with a healthier offensive core, but I wouldn’t spend a dime of your money betting on it. However, we’ll discuss his favorite DFS play from this primetime division clash. So let’s have fun rooting for players, not game scores.

Before breaking down the lineup, here are some notable scoring settings for the FanDuel Single Game Contest. ‘MVP’ total points are multiplied by 1.5, but at no extra cost like ‘Captain’ in the DraftKings Showdown. Contests. FanDuel’s default score is Halfpoint PPR When 4 point passing TDand there is number Bonuses for 300/100 yard games like DraftKings.

FD SINGLE GAME: How to Win the FanDuel Single Game Contest

FanDuel Single Game DFS Picks: Dolphins at Bills Week 15 Saturday Night Football

$60,000 budget, at least 1 player from each team required.

MVP (1.5x points): QB Josh Allen, Bills ($17,000)

Naturally, pick an MVP candidate who will act as your MVP. How can you get more points in a bad weather game and avoid him without getting a pay raise? Against a poor secondary that allows for , and has a healthier core of attack than Miami. Hell, Tua and his friends have been looking cold in Southern California these past few weeks, and the temperature was in his 50s!15 degree wind chill, like Mike Tyson’s haymaking, this already Hit the beaten offense into the dome. And even if circumstances affect Buffalo’s passing game, Allen still serves as the best fantasy option: he’s used to pushing the ball and running, and on the ground he’s 628 yards and he’s Has recorded 6 TDs. By the way, Miami surrendered his second-most rushing yards and his fourth-most ground TDs to quarterbacks. Like we said, perfect setup! Save money on the back end of your lineup.

Tua Tagovailoa, Tyreek Hill

AnyFlex WR Tyreek Hill, Dolphins ($16,500)

I have nothing to do with Tagovailoa, a native Hawaiian who goes to school in Alabama and plays home games in Miami. Who are the best and fastest playmakers in this game on the hill? The ‘Cheetah’ is the only bright spot where the Dolphins’ offense has been lackluster in the past few weeks, hoping Miami head coach Mike McDaniel will get him the ball by any means possible. Expect handoffs, dumpoffs, screens, reverses and even direct snaps. I trust Hill with his ankle 75% more than I trust fellow receivers Jaylen Waddle (who has averaged 4.5 targets over the past two weeks) or Wilson. Or lose, and prime-time Hill pulls it off — he’s the closest person to Deion Sanders in the 21st century.


AnyFlex RB Devin Singletary, bill ($12,000)

We only have one running back because we spend our time at the Hallmark store like daughters. Naturally, I’m on single tally, so unless rookie James his Cook makes a big move, Buffalo’s ground can basically monopolize his score. Singletary has been a go-to in the red zone this season. Even when Allen faces pressure or is unable to shoot downfield due to weather conditions, he is always able to catch his passes short. Here he has a floor of 8-12 points and a ceiling of 13-17 points, and in half he’s PPR format he’s not bad at investing $12,000.

AnyFlex WR Isaiah McKenzie, Bills ($8,000)

Look, especially at $11,500, it doesn’t come anywhere near the weekly stomach ache known as Gabe Davis. I want Mackenzie, a speedy slotman who always finds a way to incorporate Ken Dorsey from the backfield, through screen passes or by wheel route. , upside and peace of mind. McKenzie can turn his three touches into his 13 points. That possibility he takes $8,000 in a week and on Saturday he takes twice (I don’t even know what that means).


AnyFlex TE Dawson Knox, invoice ($7,500)

Who do you think I’m picking to win!? Going 80% Bill may seem unoriginal or risky, but I think Buffalo is the first to win this game. dominates almost from start to finish. Miami was handled by a defensively challenging Chargers team and a Niners team led by Brock Purdy — this solid stable of MVP candidate Josh Allen, All-Pro Stefon Diggs, and pass catcher had a “Tua Think it can withstand thyme’ buffalo tundra. And who better to round out a strong-handed team than Dawson Knox, who scored big and dashed home last week against the Jets?Miami has his third-most FD this season. ‘s points to the tight end position. Allen should be on the road to tight end early in the snowy, windy and frigid conditions, and the Tennessee native turned that chance into a surprise points win to put us on top. will push you to

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