Star Alabama Players Declare for 2023 NFL Draft

One of the highest rated prospects in the 2023 class, Alabama’s Bryce Young has officially declared himself in the NFL Draft.

Young said, “A petite, athletic gamer with a lasso in his arm and a consummate team leader. He’s been through the biggest stages college football has to offer. He’s been very competitive and I am very calm.”

For Bryce Young’s full scouting report, click here.

Young has all the tools of a number one pick and franchise quarterback. He throws with incredible touch, live speed, and his NFL expectations.

The discourse around Young is his scale. Based on projections, Young would be the first player under 6 feet, 200 pounds who made it into the top five of the NFL Draft.

Many teams keep different size thresholds for different positions. While some teams may be more tolerant of the flexibility of their standards, others see him as too small.

Young is a complete outlier and becomes more difficult to assess as we approach April. With all the accolades and talent, he is definitely a first shot. But when things go wrong, Young stands next to other quarterbacks in this class.

The Houston Texans are currently slated to pick up the number one pick, and they are thought to draft the franchise quarterback. , giving credence to Young as the number one pick.

Time will tell what the NFL and Texans think of Young, but don’t be surprised if his name is called out first on draft night.

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