Texas A&M Football: Transfer Portal Madness

December 30, 2021; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. South Carolina Gamecocks running back Kevin Harris (20) was forced out of bounds by North Carolina Tar Heels defensive back Tony Grimes (20) and linebacker Power Echols (23) in the second half at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Transfer portal action continues, and the Texas A&M football program continues to come under scrutiny from all corners of college football. Freshman cornerback Marquis Groves Killebrew is the latest A&M player to enter the transfer portal last Friday.

Groves-Killebrew appeared in one game and had two tackles last season. His Groves-Killebrew, from Kennesaw, Georgia, was due to move to Georgia before flipping. He went to Texas A&M on signing day last year. Nick Williams was a big part of his hiring, and with Williams gone and no playing time promised (despite the lack of depth in the position), Groves-Kilbrew have clearly taken his talent elsewhere. decided to bring it to

Groves-Killebrew is the talent you want to leave behind. He ranks just short of the top 100 in his 247 overall rankings after high school. Starting corner from transfer portal, play time was not guaranteed. As Smoke Bouillet said when he moved, Texas A&M football his program now has a scholarship as Tyreke as his player. This departure only emphasizes the need for depth in his position in the corner. Of course, Texas A&M football has three top 100 defensive backs inbound in the next recruiting class of Javon Thomas, Dalton Brooks and Bravion Rodgers, but let us know what the 2022 season is. If anything, it’s an over-reliance on inexperienced young talent. Not a winning strategy.

Landing in the starter corner through the transfer portal is essential for this program, even for one-year rentals. Former five-star Tony Grimes is the man most suited for the Aggies, and all signs point to Texas A&M football landing his services in a very short time.

Grimes spent the weekend at College Station and since then Canceled remaining visit to USC— something that should make him feel better about the prospect of being part of this Texas A&M football team next spring. He’ll come in nicely as a veteran presence across from Tyreek Chapel in the 2023 Aggies and would be a great addition.

Additionally, freshman All-American DB AJ Haulcy is expected to arrive on campus early next month after visiting Ole Miss, according to Texas’ Ryan Brauninger. The rebels are hotly contested for his services, but Fort Bend Marshall products via New Mexico give the Aggies a chance. If he can land a .

The Aggies continue to sit well for former Oklahoma State linebacker Mason Cobb when it comes to the position they need in the Texas A&M football program. Cobb stayed in town Thursday through Saturday, and Mr. and Mrs. Aggies are said to have done a great job with his visit. A&M has to weather his USC visit, but Cobb is in a desperately needed position on the defense and he would be another great addition.

The Aggies also hosted several Portal targets at wide receivers in Ketron-Jackson (ex-Arkansas) and Tre Harris (ex-Louisiana Tech) last weekend. Depth (or lack thereof) is evident in its position, so getting either or both of these to the finish line is a big deal for A&M. There hasn’t been a lot of buzz about Charlotte WR Grant DuBose in his A&M lately. Auburn seems to be going all out to get big receivers.

To wrap up with some good news about the Aggies and the transfer portal, budding senior LB Egerin Cooper has reaffirmed his commitment to stick with the Aggies during his four years of college football.

There were rumors that LSU was looking to lure the Louisiana native from Aggies’ lineback squad, which they desperately needed to keep him in service for next season. Looks like he’s done and came out on the other side with a guy who could be ready for an All-SEC type season in 2023 if he puts up his athleticism. It looks like two A&Ms needed to hold and were able to defeat LSU’s attempt to lure Cooper over Sabine. No one can guess exactly what these attempts were like, but in the NIL era certain possibilities seem more likely than others given the reputation of the LSU booster (However, I would like to stress that this is all pure speculation).

With Early Sign-In Day approaching, there’s a lot of action in store for Texas A&M football in the short term. We’ve got it all covered here at the Gig ‘Em Gazette.

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