The Life Of A Sports Agent In 2023 With Adie von Gontard


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a sports agent in 2023? Or what would it take to get into the agent business? Answer more questions in a roundtable. Co-founder and agent, Adi von Gontard.

Clearly, you’ve been in the sports industry all your life. My great-grandfather founded Anheuser-Busch and my grandfather previously owned the St. Louis Cardinals. But can you tell us specifically how the agent got started in business and how long he’s been in the industry now?

From Gontard: “I went to Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas.

“After college, I started a sports marketing company. I found myself negotiating a large deal. [for athletes]Why not have a full service sports agency? I qualified then and now heading into his eighth NFL and NBA draft cycle. ”

What does your average work day look like? Is it more like your classic 8-to-5 job, or is it more variable?

From Gontard: “The most exciting part of being an agent is that there are never 8-to-5 jobs in this business. We see where they are now and how we can be a resource for them to reach the next level in every aspect of their lives.

“For example, if a player is drafted in the first round of the NBA and is selected in every NFL draft pick, they have a four-year contract. It starts as soon as the actual draft is created and involves detailing and executing a specific coordinated plan for each client you represent. increase.”

How is the agent industry today different than it was 10 years ago?

From Gontard: “Maximizing client revenue on the field or court is always a priority, but today’s athletes know that professional sports don’t last forever. Instead of deciding what to do next, they are successfully using the platform to build a lifelong post-sport career.

“Everybody wants to have a long career. , they and their families are preparing for life, and it starts when they enter the league, not when their careers end.”

What changes have the new NIL rules brought to the industry?

From Gontard: “I think NIL is great for athletes. Going back to laying the groundwork, players can build brands faster.

“At NIL, you also get to see athletes who really understand the importance of brand building. Most fans only see you as an athlete, but first and foremost you are a human being. Tell your story, tell your fans, your company, your country who you are and how you want to influence them, and not just the sports you play, but the lives you touch. I think it’s just increased our ability to do that.”

What is the biggest misconception that people outside the profession have about agents that you would like to see corrected?

From Gontard: “The biggest misconception about agents is that our job is to maximize. [athlete’s] Court/field contract. But as a good agent, there’s a lot more to really do to offer your clients.

“Going back to your question 10 years ago, that was really all. [what we could do for clients] on the field/court. That’s all that really matters. Now, in today’s world, yes, that’s the front line, but we realize that agents have a lot more to do to help clients blaze new trails. ”

What advice would you give to someone thinking of changing jobs?

From Gontard: “It’s more than a sport.of [sports portion] is the front line, but I think the players and agencies that maintain it realize there is more to it than just the court/field.

“I tell them to really understand the whole dynamic of sports and how big a business it really is. ‘Hey, I think I can be in sports because I really like them.'” Rather, we should really understand the importance of it all.

Finally, what is your go-to pitch when trying to sign a client with an agency?

From Gontard: “I tell players to sign someone they know will be honest with you and tell the truth, not just what you want to hear. Agents help you achieve your dreams in the league. It should, but it should also help you achieve your goals and ambitions outside of the game.And finally, tell your players to trust the process.There are no shortcuts to this, but it is in your best interests at heart. Your dreams come true when you’re with an agent who knows you’re thinking.”


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