The top 10 bowlers in history of cricket 

It is the bowler who wins the match and the series while the hitters set up the match. In the history of the game, it has been observed that the team with the best bowling attack dominated world cricket. is not.
In the exercise below, I’ve tried to list the 10 greatest bowlers of all time, but it’s no easy feat to look at so many greats over the years.However, the following should be a very interesting read

Sydney Burns:
Sydney Barnes has been ranked by the ICC as the greatest Test bowler of all time. Burns played for England from 1901 to 1914. Fast Medium His bowler was swinging and seaming to pick up wickets, making tremendous changes of pace. In just 27 Tests he took 189 wickets in a sensational average of 16.43 and in 133 first-class games he took 719 wickets and averaged a remarkable 17. In 1911–12 he helped England win the Ashes when he took 34 wickets in the series against Australia. In his final Test series, 1913–14, he took a world record 49 wickets in a Test series against South Africa.

Malcolm Marshall
One of the most devastating fast bowlers to have played the game, Marshall, who formed a deadly pace cultret of West Indian quicks in the 1980s, is a batsman with his searing pace, swing and seam. was terrified of His bouncer was so difficult to play that many hitters were injured, and during his career from 1979 to 1992, the sight of him throwing the ball on an angled run-up terrified hitters. seems to have fallen into In 81 Tests Marshall took 376 wickets at 20.94 with a best of 5 wickets at 7/22 and 22. With 136 Odis he averaged 26 wickets and he took 157 wickets. Always great.

Shane Warne:
Best leg spinner Shane Warne had an illustrious career from 1991 to 2007. His ability to fox batters with unplayable legspins, flippers and other subtle variations is legendary, from that ball embarrassing Mike Gatting to completely rattling Sayid Anwar and Strauss. One of his best match-winners, Warne averaged 25.41 he took 708 wickets in 145 Tests and with a best of 8/71 he took 5 wickets his holes he won 37 times. . In 194 ODIs he took 293 wickets at an average of 25.78. In 301 first-class games Warne took 1319 wickets. Multiple Ashes winner and his 1999 World Cup winner. One of the best he’s ever graced the game.

Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram of Pakistan, known as the Sultan of the Swing, is the best left-handed fast bowler and is considered one of the best in the game. He picked up the art of the reverse swing from his predecessor Imran Khan and took it to another level with his partner in crime Wakar Younis. Akram was able to throw the ball at a fast pace and varied it in subtle ways. During his career from 1984 to 2003, the highly skilled Quick saw him take 414 wickets in 104 Tests for an average of 23.62 and 5 wickets he drew 25 times. He took 502 Odi his wickets in his 356 games at an average of 23.52 and in 257 first-class games he scalped 1042 wickets.

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Muthiah Muralitharan
Sri Lanka’s off-spin magician has achieved a test record that will probably never be broken. Muralitharan, averaging over six wickets per match, is widely regarded as one of the most successful and best bowlers in the history of the sport. In his career from 1992 to 2011, Murali took a staggering 800 wickets averaging 22.72 in his 133 Tests, a sensational 5 wickets his hole he won 67 times, 9/51 was the best. In 350 ODIs he took 534 wickets at an average of 23.08. Murali has scored 1,374 first-class scalpels in his 232 matches. He is a true genius of the game with an astounding record like no other. His off-spin variation and his dousla were even struggling with the best.

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Denise Lilly

Considered the most accomplished fast bowler of his generation, DK Lilly had an outstanding career from 1971 to 1984. Early in his career, Lilly was a torn fast bowler, but a number of stress fractures in his back were all but over. his career. Taking a strict fitness regime, he fought to return to full fitness and eventually returned to international cricket. Lilly was the most competitive fast bowler and he had all the skills. His outswingers were deadly and then his leg cutters were deceptive. Only 70 Tests In the Lillee took 355 Test wickets and averaged 23.92.7/83. At 63 ODIs. Lily averaged 20.82 he took 103 wickets and in first class cricket he took 882. wickets in 198 games. A glorious career of an outstanding fastball player.

Richard Hadley:
Richard Hadley was a Kiwi heavyweight and had a bowling style similar to Lilly’s. Hadley possessed a deadly outswinger, a very deceiving pace and a well-directed bouncer. In his early years, Hadley was bowling very fast, but later slowed down and used his cunning to great effect on the snare. In his career from 1973 to 1990 he scored a staggering figure of 431 Tests his wickets in 22.29 he was 86.tests. His best figures were 9/52 against Australia in Brisbane. Hadley took 158 wickets at an average of 21.56 in 115 oudes and 1490 first class wickets in He’s a bowler with a great pedigree.

Kurtley Ambrose

Curtly Ambrose’s fastest 6-foot-7-inch frame was enough to make batters’ throats quiver. As Ambrose continued the legacy of his predecessor, with the competent support of Walsh and Bishop, and together they formed deadly combos, the pace with sharp bounces and deadly accuracy was his In the 98.tests Ambrose took 405 wickets at an average of 20.99 with a best of 8/45. Ambrose scored 5 wickets for 22 in the Tests. Ambrose took 225 wickets at an average of 24 at 176.odis and 941 wickets at an average of 20.24 in 239 games. absolute legend.

Glenn Mcgrath

McGrath was a relentlessly accurate fast bowling legend who could bowl mercilessly at the right pace in certain spots and move the ball just enough to move it. Because of his tendency to give, he was making wickets precisely for the other bowlers in the team. As a fast bowler, he is his third on the all-time list of Test his wickets behind Anderson and Broad. He has the lowest average maximum number of wickets. He has had the most hair on the head at the World Cup (71 times) and is one of the main reasons for Australia’s dominance in the 1990s and 2000s.From 1993 to his 2007 glorious international cricket So McGrath played. The 124 Tests took 563 wickets at an average of 21.64, with a best of 8/24 and 29 five-wicket holes. In his 250 matches he took 381 Odi his wickets in 22.02, best 7/15 and in 20.85 he took 835 first class his wickets in 189 matches. It’s very difficult to think beyond his McGrath in the top 10 greatest bowlers of all time who can bowl in any situation.

Fred Truman

Fred Trueman, one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, played for England from 1952 to 1965. Regarded as one of the greatest bowlers in the history of cricket, Truman bowled at a truly fast pace and was popularly known as ‘The Fiery Fred’. He was the first bowler to score his 300 wickets in his Test career.[WithBrianStathamhestartedbowlingforEnglandovertheyearsformingoneofthemostfamousbowlingpartnershipsinTestcrickethistoryTruemantook307Testwicketsin67Testsatanaverageof2157andhisbestfigureswere8/31Hetookastaggeringnumberof2304wicketsin603first-classmatchesasensationalaverageofjust1829againstbattinggreatsinhisoutstandingcareerTruebestever[TogetherwithBrianStathamheopenedtheEnglandbowlingformanyyearsandtheyformedoneofthemostfamousbowlingpartnershipsinTestcrickethistoryTruemanhadtaken307testwicketsin67testsat2157averagewithbestfiguresof8/31Hehastakenanastonishingnumberof2304wicketsin603firstClassmatchesatasensationalaverageofjust1829andoutstandinggreathibatledagathetrueinstsinestanding[ブライアン・ステイサムと共に、彼は長年にわたってイングランドのボウリングを開始し、テストクリケットの歴史の中で最も有名なボウリングパートナーシップの1つを形成しました。Truemanは67回のテストで307のテストウィケットを平均2157で取り、最高の数字は8/31でした。彼は603のファーストクラスの試合で驚くべき数の2304ウィケットを獲得し、わずか1829というセンセーショナルな平均で、彼の傑出したキャリアの中でバッティングの偉人たちと対戦しました。真の史上最高。[TogetherwithBrianStathamheopenedtheEnglandbowlingformanyyearsandtheyformedoneofthemostfamousbowlingpartnershipsinTestcrickethistory Truemanhadtaken307testwicketsin67testsat2157averagewithbestfiguresof 8/31 Hehastakenanastonishingnumberof2304wicketsin603firstClassmatchesatasensationalaverageofjust1829andbowledagainstsineofthebattinggreatsduringhisoutstandingcareer Atruealltimegreat

There were plenty of bowling greats who didn’t make the top 10 but were just short of making it. Bill O’Reilly, Charlie Grimmet, two of Australia’s great leg spinners from a bygone era, South African fast bowling greats Dale Steyn and Allan Donald, and of course two British legends, James Anderson (675 Test wickets). fast bowler and still playing at age 40), Stuart Broad, Ray Lindwall, Imran Khan, Andy Roberts, Michael Holding, Joel Garner, Wakar Younis

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