‘There’s one player near Pant’s potential…’: Ex-India star picks replacement | Cricket

Rishab Punt may miss India’s upcoming test series against Australia due to injuries sustained in a car accident. Mr Punt drove to Dehradun to make a surprise visit to his family when he met with an accident on the Delhi-Dehradun highway. There are already reports that they could miss the 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL), which is held after a four-time test series against Australia. Although a wicketkeeper, former Indian spinner Maninder Singh feels that Ishan Kishan should be considered by the team to replace Pant.

“If Rishab Punt cannot be selected due to the unfortunate accident he has encountered, I believe the team’s management should select Ishan Kishan (who is also a left-handed batter) for the role in all formats. He’s an ideal candidate for Team India without Punt,” said Maninder of Michael.

Kishan’s shares soared last month when it recorded a record two-century ODI with Bangladesh. It’s his second century fastest ever, and Maninder feels that, like Punt, Kishan has a knack for responding to key moments.

“It is the job of team managers and selectors to reward players with such potential and we strongly believe Ishan Kishan has the talent of a big match player. If there’s one player who could have been, it’s Ishan Kishan,” Maninder said.

Australia’s four-match Test series in India begins on February 9 in Nagpur. His second test will take place on 17 February in Delhi before the tour moves to Dharamsala for his third test starting on 1 March. The fourth and final test will be held in Ahmedabad and will start on March 9th.

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