This Patriots WR received Pro Football Focus’ highest grade in Week 16

The Patriots WR was the best-performing Pro Football Focus in Week 16. Originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston.

Kendrick Bourne hasn’t played a prominent role in the New England Patriots’ offense this season, but the veteran wide receiver has often played pretty good when he’s on the field.

The latest example is Saturday’s Week 16 game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Gillette Stadium.

Bourne had season highs with 6 receptions, 9 targets, 100 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown. Unfortunately for the Patriots, a run-back fumble by Ramondre his Stevenson in the second half proved costly in the 22–18 loss.

However, thanks to Bourne, they had a chance to come from behind for the most part. On his first of his two touchdowns for the Patriots, Vaughn tripled during his coverage, where he had 32 receiving yards and moved the offense into his zone. .

Three plays later, Vaughn took a 5-yard touchdown catch from quarterback Mac Jones.

Bourne’s excellent performance earned him a 93.7/100 from Pro Football Focus. He had the highest PFF grade for a 16-week wide receiver.

The Bourne is a very good wideout, but for some reason it is seeing a huge drop in usage in 2022.

It doesn’t make much sense, especially for an offense that has struggled all season and is short on playmakers.

The Patriots would be wise to make more use of Bourne in the final two weeks of the season. But it may be too little or too late.

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