Top 10 teams by average home game attendance during 2022 season

While college football home attendance continues to decline nationwide, there are 10 schools during the 2022 season that were not impacted by declines due to factors such as inflation and an apathetic fan base. According to, a site that tracks average at-home attendance and multi-year averages, the Group of Five team bore the brunt of struggling attendance figures, but titled much of his hunt. programs looked at the other end of the spectrum.

San Diego, Kansas, and Duke, Kansas, saw the biggest increases in home game attendance nationally, with each program enjoying a winning season and financial success. An average of 43,075 fans attended a Jayhawks home game this season, a 95.57% increase, marking the first time a show appeared in the bowl in over a decade.

College football programs do everything they can to provide the best home game experience and attract fans, but many of the dilemmas come down to one factor: winning.

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The 10 teams that led college football in average home attendants this fall.

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