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National Autograph Day is here. The college football early signing period begins Wednesday and runs through Friday. High school freshmen can sign a nationwide letter of intent to lock them into the college of their choice.

Two five-star recruits for the 2023 ESPN 300 have flipped their commitments, and it’s already been a busy start to the week. Quarterback Dante Moore ditched Oregon for UCLA, and offensive tackle Kadin Proctor spurred Iowa to win Alabama. There may be a few more surprises on Wednesday.

This is the sixth year the NCAA has offered an early signing period for college football recruits, making it a key session for most schools to secure a majority of their classes during this time. If a prospective customer does not sign an in-country agreement this week, his next in-country signature date in this cycle will begin on February 1, 2023.

Throughout Wednesday, we’ll be tracking the latest news, analysis, class ranking moves and more. Catch up on College Football Live: Signing Day Special on ESPN2 at 2pm ET.

Last updated: 6:30 AM ET

Class Ranking Update: Top 50 Schools
Prediction: Where Top Prospects Likely to Arrive

Featured Announcements: Today’s Schedule

“College Football Live: Signing Day Special” airs on ESPN2 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm ET, featuring analysis from insiders and scouts, and announcements from the country’s top recruits. Announcing their commitments later today are:

  • Who: LB Jaquavious Russaw (7th overall recruit) and DT James Smith (11th)
    when: 2:10 PM ET
    Choose one of the following: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Alabama

  • Who: CB Damari Brown (No.112)
    when: 3:15 PM ET
    Choose one of the following: Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Miami

  • Who: DE Damon Wilson (No. 31)
    when: 3:45 PM ET
    Choose one of the following: Alabama, Georgia, Miami, Ohio

  • Who: CB Jaile Hill (No. 239)
    when: 4:15 PM ET
    Choose one of the following: Auburn, Florida, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Washington

Longhorn Network will begin coverage of Autograph Day with the Texas Football National Autograph Day Special from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. ET.

The SEC Network will air hourly updates beginning at 9:00 a.m. ET and host a 3-hour SEC Now: Signing Day Special beginning at 12:00 noon.

ACC Network is hosting the ACC Huddle: Signing Day Special from 3:00pm to 6:30pm.

Current position in class ranking

Below are the top 3 schools in the class rankings, all the way up to 50th place.

  1. Alabama: 22 ESPN 300 Commitments

  2. Georgia: 17 ESPN 300 Commitments

  3. Miami: 15 ESPN 300 Commitments

Notre Dame, Oklahoma, LSU and Texas are also competing for the top five spots.

Two 5-star recruits cause a tectonic shift

Just before the early contract period, two of the top ten recruits decided to change their commitments. On Monday, Dante Moore, the third-ranked quarterback in his class, announced his commitment to UCLA, away from Oregon.

The next day, offensive tackle Kadin Proctor, the 10th overall recruit, converted from in-state Iowa to join Alabama.

what about wednesday?

Who are the most promising in this cycle?

Each recruiting cycle ranks the ESPN 300 best recruits in the country. Coming into signing day, his 270 of the top 300 prospects for this cycle are committed. Including his nine of the top ten recruits.

The top 10 looks like this:

  1. Malachi Nelson, QB (USC)

  2. Arch Manning, QB (Texas)

  3. Dante Moore, QB (UCLA)

  4. Cormani McClain, CB (Miami)

  5. Frances Mauigore, OT (Miami)

  6. Zachariah Branch, WR (USC)

  7. Jaquavious Russaw, OLB (uncommitted)

  8. Jackson Arnold, QB (Oklahoma)

  9. DT Peter Woods (Clemson)

  10. Kadyn Proctor, OT (Alabama)

See the full ESPN 300 rankings here ยป

Analysis of the 2023 Hiring Cycle

We analyzed the 2023 hiring cycle in a number of ways. We analyzed the strengths of the first and second place new employees in each position.

Craig Haubert and Tom Luginbill also went pick-by-pick in an attempt to draft the best All-22 team of 2023 recruits. See who has been selected and vote for which team is better.

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