Utah Football Gearing Up For Historic Early Signing Day

Salt Lake City- The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for Utes. When they seemed down and out for the 2022 season, fate worked its magic and Utah did what Utah always seems to do best: capitalize on it. Everything looks a little rosy in Utah, which has qualified for the Pac-12 Championship for the second year in a row and then has a commanding win, including recruiting. Ahead, head coach Kyle Whittingham and Utah Football prepare for what is likely to be the program’s historic signature class.

Whittingham took note last week of the upward trend the Ute faction has seen in recruitment and, more importantly, commitments after deftly dismantling USC a week ago. Utes are now flirting at the door of the Top 20 signing class for the first time in program history.

“We’re getting closer to the Top 20 class than we’ve ever been,” said Whittingham. “When it’s all over, we’ll be in the top 20. Nothing helps recruiting more than success. Back-to-back Pac-12 championships and back-to-back Rose Bowls – all of which matter. Obviously. , NIL is a big part of that, we’re not a NIL-resourced school, but there’s a lot of recruiting going on right now, we’re on the right track and we have to keep doing it. not.”

What Whittingham expects Wednesday

The college football early contract period begins Wednesday, December 21st and runs through December 23rd. Whittingham said he and his staff are happy with where they are and what they expect to happen after practice is allowed on Tuesday, but like others Having been heavily involved in recruiting for , he knows there’s always the possibility of a surprise, but he hopes it’s a good one.

“Unless it’s a big surprise, I’d prefer the status quo,” Whittingham said. “At the moment, as you can see from the list of sites, etc., it doesn’t quite match what we expect. That said, it doesn’t always come as a surprise to us.

Evolution of the Early Signing Date

The Early Signing Date is a relatively new invention that has evolved considerably in its short existence. When the concept was first introduced to him in 2017, it was a little awkward, but it has since become a streamlined process that Whittingham has come to love.

“I think that’s a good thing. I think they’re continuously fixing things with visits,” Whittingham said. “They get it. As the years go by, the NCAA has picked up a little bit of that, and to keep up with that early contract term, they’ve given us some positives in terms of recruiting. .”

The early signing date process is also not yet complete. Whittingham specifically talked about his one tweak slated for his 2024 hiring cycle. This can really help kids make important decisions about where they want to go and spend their four years.

“There’s a lot more on the table next year,” Whittingham said. It was a little rough when it first came out, but I think people are getting used to it and players are getting the opportunities they need. much better than the state of

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