Week 17 & 18 Fantasy Football: Status Updates


Yahoo Fantasy Football managers understand that they are waiting for news regarding the postponement of the Week 17 game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills. Our primary concern is Dumar Hamlin’s health at this time. Our thoughts are with Dummer, his family and the Buffalo Bills. These are unprecedented circumstances, so we wanted to be as clear as possible while we wait for his NFL’s final decision on the game.

here is what you need to know If you’re in a fantasy league with an active playoff season

  • Week 17 is finalized and the standings will be updated for now, but the score update will apply once the NFL makes a decision regarding the Bills-Bengals game status. Waivers will be handled as normal for leagues playing in Week 18.

  • Yahoo pays tribute to the official NFL Gamebook for Week 17 by updating game stats and fantasy scores to match official records.

  • If changes to the official NFL scores affect the results of Week 17 matches, we will retroactively adjust Week 18 matches to reflect the changes.

  • Payments for private and public prize leagues will not be processed until the NFL makes a final determination regarding the Bills Bengals’ game status.

  • League Commissioners may make manual changes using the Commissioner Tool, but Commissioners are advised to wait until the NFL makes a final decision on the status of the game.

  • If your league has an active Week 18 playoff matchup, you should set your lineup as normal.

The Bills-Bengals game in Week 17 is currently postponed. As such, all accumulated stats are kept as-is for now (according to the official NFL Gamebook).

In case of Bills-Bengals game cancellation

  • If the game was finalized by the NFL and scored as is (i.e. the score was finalized as 7-3), all fantasy points will remain intact.

  • If the game is canceled and the stats are zeroed by the NFL, all fantasy points accumulated in the Bills-Bengals game will be zeroed to reflect the official record.

For Bills-Bengals game continuation

Re-grading from the previous week cannot be taken lightly as it is truly an unprecedented situation. However, we want to ensure fair results in all affected matches. Hopefully we won’t have to implement last week’s rescoring in the future.

Waivers will be handled as normal for leagues playing in Week 18.

Thank you for choosing our platform for your fantasy experience.

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